Highguard Birthplace of the Imperial Faith and the First Empress, where virtue drives action in pursuit of the highest goals. Dawn Land of knights, war-witches and yeomen, where nobility comes from a proud spirit not a fortunate birth. Imperial Orcs With land for the first time in history and a burning drive to rise above the legacy of the past. Navarr The fierce Navarr travel the Empire binding its people together and watching everywhere for signs of danger. Wintermark A harsh and unforgiving land, home to warriors, mystics and hunters. The League Humanity finds its true home in the cities, ruled by the ruthless servants of the Empire. Urizen High mountains grant unmatched perspective, and let the wise see what should, what can, what must be done. The Marches Stubborn as stone, the Marches are the guts of the Empire. Varushka A rich land of dark tales and darker beasts where the past lies uneasy in its grave. The Brass Coast Never afraid to speak their minds, the bold and adventurous Freeborn take joy in life and the wealth that daring brings.
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