1 hit Per Second Rule

Hi everyone,

I can’t find an answer to this on the wiki, so I thought best to ask it here. The entry for Ambidexterity states that ‘Your opponent still only takes one hit per second at most if hit swiftly and repeatedly’.
Does this apply to all weapons? Does a person with 7 hits last at least 7 seconds, no matter what quantity of (non-called) hits are put to them? Does it matter how many players are throwing those hits?
What about a three-hit player, taking three simultaneous arrows on his/her heavy breastplate?

Thanks in advance for your help.

It’s one hit per second per attacker so if three different people hit you all at once you take three hits.

The relevant rule is here, though it is not very clearly worded. Relevant part is the last sentence, “Attacks from multiple opponents do damage normally.”

If you have seven hits, and are being hit by only one person, they can’t possibly drop you in less than 7 seconds*.

If you have eight hits, and are being attacked by two people, they can drop you in four seconds (one point of damage per second per attacker).

However, this isn’t a rule we expect to be applied with a stopwatch. The idea is that if an attacker hits you several times very quickly, you only take 1pt of damage. If they hit you with decent gaps in-between, you should take a point of damage per blow.

Does that make sense?

*Edit (Whoops, hanging footnote): This is slightly inaccurate, because fencepost errors. It actually takes a bit over six seconds.

Yeah, the intent and effect of that rule seem a bit confused.
“A flurry of blows is not as dangerous as a full swing”, except it is more dangerous because you’ve got more chances to hit or pressure someone into parrying than someone attacking at one blow per second, and half the time you’ll have someone forget the 1s rule and drop anyway. Very much the case when you’ve outflanked someone and getting away on 1-2 hits would have been possible if you were only hitting once a second.

I think it’s a shame that there’s not some pressure in that rule to keep your hits down to one per second or thereabouts, lest you break Rule 7. Not something meant to be a hard rule, but more of a social pressure to make the game cooler and safer. Slower attacks let you have more time to control them. I’m assuming it’s in there to put the responsibility for the rule on the defender and make it “that person isn’t taking their hits” not “complain about flurry attacks”, and cut down ref admin. I think it loses out by not having at least some reason to not attack as fast as possible beyond “Not always a good idea” and “Being cool”.

I find reckless, rapid attacks from a couple of swords both harder to defend against and less fun than someone who’s good and keeping it down to 1 per second. Someone attacking way faster than 1 per second is less predictable, puts me on the back foot, and makes me have to speed up too if I want a chance. A better fighter will beat me, but I’ll hold them off for a bit longer and I’ll know I lost to some interesting fighting not “Error: Too many Swords”.

It’s a tricky one to be sure.

Two weapon fighting does seem to encourage the Kermit Flail approach of fighting from those players who lack any actual weapon skill, and so long as they have more HP than you, they are probably going to win, particularly if they are not paying much RP attention to the wounds they are receiving…

The one second rule isn’t perfect, (I know I can hit someone three times in one second with decisive force with a one handed sword), but it does put a damper on the feeble flurry approach.

But as Jim alludes to, Ultimately it comes down to “Don’t be a dick”.

LARP combat is not my ideal competitive combat forum, I’m just along for the fun. Monstering, giving people the chance to have fun and be occasionally frightened, and As a player, to be able to cut through vast swathes of monsters, and occasionally have a fun and tricky fight with a competent foe.

I don’t mind a flurry of blows if they are in different locations. But repeated attacks to my left shoulder are definitely not welcome!

Rapidly moving a sword up and down can be very painful and is nowhere near being fun!

Also when parrying such whippy whippy kack it usually catches me on the knuckles ALOT!!!

But that’s why I’m grateful for the one second rule! No more knitting someone to death! No more drum rolling. Only good clean purposeful strikes.

One second rule is a master stroke!!!

Take note even when you are using two weapons it’s still only one point of damage per attacker, not weapon too. If some smacks you with both their weapons at the same time then it still counts as only one hit (and quite rightly too).

We don’t like to see flailing/drumrolling/whatever we’re castigating this week

The intent of the rule is to achieve roughly the following:

  1. Drumrolling at people doesn’t do much better than fighting effectively and fairly quickly.

  2. If you’re being hit too fast, you have a rules justification to take an appropriate amount of damage instead.

  3. We don’t get acrimonious shouting matches all over the battlefield, which can easily happen when it’s more direct.

Because you can’t do more damage by drum rolling, the idea is that there isn’t an incentive to do so, and so everyone is a bit more reasonable.

That’s pretty much it. Try and hit people at a reasonable speed, instead of delivering a flurry of blows. If someone hits you with a load of blows very quickly, only take 1pt of damage. Everything’s square then.

Thanks everyone, the replies have been really helpful :slight_smile: