101 things to do at your first game of Empire

Ok here’s 11 ideas for things for people to do at their first Empire, now give us the other 90 :slight_smile:

  1. Offer to run messages for people like Senators, Cardinals, Generals, or groups in your nation for some rings. This is an excellent excuse to go explore the field, talk to people and start getting to know the world of Empire.
  2. If you’re an Artisan, go out and trade for the materials to make one of the items you can make. Start in a nation not your own and work from there. This will help you start getting to know how this part of the trading game works.
  3. If you have any materials from your character’s resources (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Resource), see how much of a profit you can make selling them. Start in a nation not your own. Trading groups will buy them, but you will make more money if you can find someone to buy them straight from you. This will help you get to know who the well known traders are in each nation and it’s also an excellent way to meet other people as well just by walking into camps and saying “does anyone want to buy x?”
  4. Pick a hot topic/issue to do with politics or religion in your nation that’s mentioned in the Winds of Fortune. Wander around, ask The People what they think, write that down, then make sure the people making decisions on it (your nations senators, priests in your national assembly, etc) are told what The People think.
  5. Pick a virtue that seems interesting, go to the Hub and look on the Synod notice board to find out when that Virtue Assembly is meeting, go the meeting, when someone says “is anyone interested in helping to sort out x?” offer to help.
  6. Ask people who do skirmishes or battles what potions and equipment they recommend as useful when IC. Go out and get tooled up. You can often buy magic items that are about to run out at the end of the current game quite cheaply. Mentioning you’re new sometimes helps here as well :).
  7. Go on a mission or skirmish through the Sentinel Gate. Many of these are usually advertised when the Winds of Fortune go up before the event (e.g. https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Living_with_war). Find whoever is organising the expedition, offer to help, ask them what they need and see if you’ll be useful. Missions through the gate aren’t locked to specific nations like Battles and some of the smaller nations are always looking for extra people to help out. Even if you’re not their first choice, get yourself ready and equiped then be there before the mission goes out. Missions are cancelled all the time due to lack of numbers, so you can often jump onto one at the last minute to fill space. Make sure you know what you’re there to do, pick someone experienced in the party and stick to them like glue. Try not to die :wink: Warning, Skirmishes can be significantly more dangerous than Battles due to lack of backup if things go wrong so be advised.
  8. Find some other new players in your nation (getting along to the New Player meetings on Friday before time in is one easy way of doing this) then go and be tourists. Ask people what attractions/cafes/bars/stuff they recommend to people new to Anvil. Spend what money your character has (everyone gets at least 18 rings in their character pack) on having a good time in as many different nations as you can.
  9. Buy and read one of the many publications made by players (e.g. The Looking Glass, the Oathwright and many others), pick an issue they talk about, have a strong opinion on the subject, see what other people think, chose either to disagree or agree with them.
  10. If you’re a priest with a congregation, go to the Hub, read the Judgements on the Synod board, note down the numbers of the ones that are relevant to you (i.e. in your virtue, your national or the general assembly), talk to some priests who will be standing around nearby about them, go and inform the Synod Civil servant of how you’re voting with the relevant judgement numbers. Rinse and repeat several times over the weekend.
  11. Find people who will be commanding your nations forces on the battlefield, offer to be a runner for them in the battle. Go introduce yourself to other runners, get their advice. Find out who the battlefield leaders of groups or groups of groups in your nation are and introduce yourself. Attend any pre-battle briefings so you understand exactly what the actual objectives of the battle are (if you can, read a copy of the Civil Service brief). Go on battle, pass messages, try not to die :+1:.

12: Come to the New Player Skirmish before time in on the Friday. You will have a chance to try a few exercises in costume using your character’s stats, but without risking them on a real skirmish, as well as learning a few of the common tactics that are used or how to deal with common dangers of the battlefield.


13 Find out what cultural events are happening across the various nations of the Empire at that event, and go participate. Witness the Highborn Day of the Dead parade, party in the League for the Festival of the Reaper, see what happens at the Marcher Wassail or Navarr Spring Welcoming.

14 go for a night out round Anvil. Starting off in Varushka, then going to the League, Marches then Navarr for Song & Story Time is awesome fun

  1. Go shopping! Loads of traders turn up at events to sell costume, weapons, cool props, masks, make up… spare toothbrushes. If you have a bit of cash you can often find something fantastic, and even if you don’t they are often fun to browse and get ideas for later.
  2. Tour all the food places - the variety of deliciousness on offer has grown a lot lately, so it is worth trying several to find your favourites, as well as which ones you can turn to in a hurry when you want to grab some calories fast.
  3. Train with your nation. Most groups have some kind of battlefield training session, which is great for finding our how they operate and also for meeting key people.
  1. Run for senator! Find out how your senators are elected, then canvass people who can vote for you about why the system as-is is terrible and why it needs new blood to shake things up!
  1. If you are in Urizen, participate in a national Debate. Most events, there will be a Debate on a topic of importance to the nation, usually organised by the Egregore but with players making the points. Even if you don’t really know much about the topic at hand it’s a great way to learn and also to begin understanding the nation’s political dynamics.
  1. Become a deputy for the militia. You’ll get to travel around a lot of the field and meet a wide variety of people as you hunt down people to question, follow leads, and do all sorts of odd jobs! It’s also a fantastic way to stick your nose into the sidelines of a wide variety of interesting pieces of plot, on scales from the personal to the empire-wide scandal. You’ll also of course find out how the legal system of the empire functions.

21: Look at the various Citizen’s Notices posters in the Hub etc. Find one that inspires or offends your character, and has a name of a person or group on it. Locate the author or target of the poster. Opinionate upon them.

22: Look at the notices in the Hub. Find something that looks interesting. Go to it.

23: Bring a notebook and a pen or pencil to something that looks interesting. Pointedly take some notes. It’ll help you remember what was interesting later, and you can ask follow-up questions.

  1. Maybe a counter intuitive one… Find somewhere to sit down and have a drink and watch the hustle and bustle of anvil for a bit. You’ll be surprised about what you can see and how much atmosphere you’ll feel.

25: Find a Priest and talk with them about The Way of Virtue. This is a great way to:

  • Get into a debate if you are also a priest!
  • Learn the religion game, whether or not you are a priest.
  • Understand how Virtue is built into all the political and social bits of the game, and how you get fun out of that.
  • Learn which Virtue(s) encourage your PC to Do the Thing!

Virtue is all about solid gold excuses to do the thing you want to do.

26: Get anointed with an aura that makes your PC want to keep doing those things you enjoy.

27: Get your character’s favourite clothing, bit of jewellery, weapon etc hallowed with an aura that makes your PC want to keep doing those things you enjoy.

  1. Visit a teashop in another nation.
  2. Visit a cake stall in another nation.
  3. Have a drink in the Forge.
  4. Notice someone’s interesting IC tradition and ask them about it.

Find Stuff Out :
32) What do all the group symbols mean? What DID happen to the armies of your nation last season? Where IS the crown of Wintermark? Or of Dawn? That Eternal, what do they want? Who has the best bards? Who will, in character happily give you weapons training?

Some of these are easier than others? :slight_smile:

  1. At some point during the event, in some way… dance with someone!
  1. Visit the Anvil library and have a rifle through their books until you find a topic that interests you.
  2. If you’re in Varushka, take part in the camp warding that happens each evening at sundown.

(Over a third of the way there gang!)

  1. Ask someone in your nation for some fighting tips - many nations have someone who runs weapons practice, and they’ll be delighted to show you how they do it and see where that fits your skills, and it should make your next battle more survivable as you will have met some of the other fighters and they’ll know to keep an eye out for you too!
  2. Go up to the Senate and see if anything interesting is going on, the side gallery is available for anyone to come and watch, although you will get told off for heckling as otherwise not everyone can be heard! Not just the Senate politics go on here, you can also watch the bourse auctions and some other presentations use the space. Feel free to have Opinions!
  3. Come and watch what is happening at the Regio. The rituals with more people are often fun to watch, rituals are of course 2 mins of showmanship. If you’re a mage this may give you some ideas. If you’re a priest this may mean you have Opinions. If you’re a physik bring your healer’s kit, mages often do things that are inadvisable…
  1. Be a tourist for an event! ‘By virtue, is that the imperial regio?’ ‘So this is the senate building? Thought it’d be bigger.’ Play to the fact that your character has only heard of these things they’re now seeing for the first time.
  1. Saying “Yeah why not” to people’s ideas.

41: Do the crossword in one of the IC papers. It’s a great way to get people talking about IC trivia.
42: Monster! If you’re doing a battle, you have to. If you’re not, it’s a good way to see if battles are for you. You don’t need to bring armour, and you can probably borrow a weapon off another player. or you could show up as a noncombat monster, and get a close-up view of the fight while healing/water carrying.

  1. Stop and listen to the music - and I mean that literally! You can often find bards playing in the IC bars or around campfires in the evening, and there are plenty of performers who will be willing to play you a tune for a few coins.
  2. I don’t know if the walking tour is still running, but either take that or ask around and see if someone is willing to give you one in exchange for a few coins or a drink. Anvil is BIG, and can get a little confusing at times! (I imagine a Freeborn may be your best bet here.)
  3. Start an autograph book - there’s a lot of big players at Empire, and it’s a great way of getting around to meet them and keeping track of who’s who.

I joined on my second event and have been roped into some interesring game, and it has inspired me to think about a different route for Odhran to take the beat of the dance is ever changing

  1. If playing a physik, be willing to run if you hear a call go up for one
  2. Camp out at the Gate and get roped into the aftermath of skirmishes and battles. (Player event this weekend showed me that you can get gorgeous roleplay and drama kicking off, both during the wait and as everyone comes back)