13 things about healing

And here’s Raff with an article about Healing:

So … healing! Anyone could take damage, so everyone ought to know the basics of how healing works. Why not check out this list of things people forget about healing? Number 11 will shock you!

13 Things People Forget About Healing

(Literally, number 11 may well shock you. I had a dickens of a time finding photographs of people carrying other people that actually follow the rules about needing two hands free or two people with a hand free each…)

Mostly this deals with the use of physick and chirurgeon, although there’s also a few general points and some extra entries at the end about potions.

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PS - A big thank you to Kellie Parnis who reminded me of a few things I’d forgotten myself. This link should take you to their excellent short article about physick which is well worth a read → Redirecting...


Long time player, first time healer (at E1) so this is super-useful.

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The Carrying part of this is pretty much exactly the reason why the triage teams at The Hospital are divided into pairs.

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I find it amusing that 7/13 photos for those 13 things feature Dawnish folk. Is it just that we keep getting beaten up and healed on a regular basis while looking photogenic? :slight_smile:

…or is it that the Dawnish are particularly reckless and lacking common sense from one too many blows to the noggin? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Have you taken many blows to the head?”

As for carrying people, I still prefer IC carrying to be physrepped by OOC carrying, but of course only both/all of the players involved say they’re willing.

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I have once back at Tournament Stud picked up a Dwanish knight who collapsed short of the gate back. It was a rapid retreat a and rush back before we got trapped. I find him, “notice” his chest plate has been stove in and he couldn’t breath. I threw him over my shoulders and fireman carried him the rest of the way to the hospital. I wish I had a picture of that. It felt awesome.

Nice job Mr Haystacks, and well done. Last time I did that, I put the guy down and took 3 steps before realising that I was not as strong as the character I was Playing, and I’d nearly burst something :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Dawnish and injury rate…
lots of head injuries because lack of sense?
Or little sense because of lots of head injuries…?
The causality could be tricky :slight_smile: