2014 Aspirations

Over the course of Empire’s first year, there were a range of improvements. The “civil service hub” was added at Events 3 and 4, making access to civil servants and game institutions easier. A field battle with fortification was different at E4 from any previous battle. There was a tournament at E3 but no ‘battles’. We even had a bold soul make a play for the throne.

So, in the context that it is an aspirational game, what are peoples’ hopes for 2014? Or what experiments do folk want to see?

We know the focus is on improving the buildings that already exist, rather than commissioning new ones. Equally, this question isn’t aimed at just PD or just players, but on how we all have responsibility for building, and experimenting.

The Hub is fantastic, and really adds to how players can access the CS and read notices. I think it might need more chairs or benches… sometimes the cushions on the floor are a little low!

A few raised platforms would be good (and probably easy to make)… for debates, auctions, or performances. More street lights would be handy too. I suppose de-mudding the entire site is about as possible as weather control!

I imagine the scope of battles will continue to be inventive: Stealthy battles. Observational scouty battles. Urgent time limited battles (catch the druj supply wagon before it reaches the fort). Battles where we have to break through lines to support a friendly fort before it falls. Battles to escort foreign traders or diplomats meeting other foreign traders or diplomats, and all the traitorous unfolding events linked to that. Battles where we’re invited to support a foreign army, and the knock on effect of that if we don’t use a battle to support the Empire.

I’d like to see the pub take on a fixed and consistent layout. The synod tent could do with looking les impromptu, but I’m happy to debate/inquisit anywhere (just ask IT Vio).

Beyond that, I’m happy with what PD produce. The next evolution is on the player side. More atmosphere from our settling into our cultures, and our roles within our cultures.

I think that the next year will be defined politically by the Reikos Question* and someone’s ascent to the throne, and that they will probably be linked.

I’m looking forward to more things like the Saturday battle at last event, where victory was dependent on a group of mission specialists, and I’m looking forward to some large-scale magic finally coming out - how much warning would a large ritual team need to give to get hold of extra SFX?

On the nation side, I’m looking forward to my own nation improving our set dressing, trying to live up to the example set by some of the other nations; I’m looking forward to continuing improvements in camp logistics - it may seem a petty thing, but everyone’s game is seriously improved when the camp is properly laid out.

I’m also very much looking forward to more interactions with Eternals, om nom nom energy fields.

On the personal level, I’m happy with my kit now, and it’s about physrepping my lineage more and harder and becoming even more of a unique and special snowflake.

*no, not ‘Where’s Reikos?’