2014 E1 Froth

Can’t believe there isn’t one yet, so here we go!

The various conversations surrounding how dangerous Winter Magic is, and why my eyes kept spouting blood.
New Conclave. I like it, a lot.
The stuff surrounding Evander Slak.
Serious consideration over whether the Winter realm is trying to turn us into jellyfish.
Wintermark. We were genuinely bowled over by how much stuff Wintermark gave us when we asked for some help. With that, not only were were able to cast the QCM effectively, we were able to make even more of an impact on things for the Empire, like cursing Karsk, investigating curses, and generally doing Stuff. It’s a good nation to be a part of, and has started to gel really well.
Academy Ritual. Explaining to the students that they are now officially ‘Massive Wizards’. The academy kids never fail to make me smile.
The Family! As always, the Saker are an absolutely awesome group who are incredibly supportive (except when we are shouting at each other, of course, but that is only to be expected)
Interdiction! The plot surrounding the Drake’s Egg and related shenanigans was really cool. From my perspective, it started as an approach from another person asking for advice, spiralling into law and Conclave and politicking and so on. There is something satisfying to have the feeling of making a meaningful impact on the game world.
Synod! Starting to see the edges of the Synod game and how it can effect us and we can affect it. Very interesting.
Seeing people who were not quite finding their feet suddenly finding A Thing and sprinting off into the middle-distance with glee.
Battles. Reffing the Saturday on one of the standing stones, I got a really awesome view of how cool it was, and flowed backwards and forwards. Some great death scenes as well.
Battles. Opening the door of the fort with a ritual. The moment our delivery guy started sprinting towards the fortress, and the tetsudo formed. Wow. Just wow. Also being finally allowed to be a massive hero with a buckler and knife, and 2 hits.
Feeling like we’re making a huge impact on the game; as a coven, a banner, and individually.
Axos delegation. That was cool.

There is more, it will probably come later.

My balls were on everyone’s lips!

An incredible game, I really enjoyed it and want to thank everyone who participated from the people who monstered the sat battle to the Monday murderer oh and victim as she is awesome who gave me none stop action all weekend, including the great massage by the propreiters of the massage parlour in urizen. wow I know my shoulders loosened up a lot.

Top moments:

The battlefield froth: You archer go over there and help that unit… he looks the other way and I go the opposite way to his command. lol. no good targets to take down. The moments of utter carnage and standing in front of a charge where people retire past the healers staying with casualties firing 2 shots and realising I may not be able to stop them lol. to retiring back to the portal taking an extra few down with me.

The camp: You crayon faced murder monkeys are my favourite people. I had so much great plot and talks around the camp fires and with many of you. Its always an absolute pleasure to be around you all. You are nuts though. I loved walking up to other places.

League party: Subdued and not quite what I expected but gave me a reason to meet some incredible people. I enjoyed meeting the compania who were an interesting unit.

Militia Duty: Bloody hell high light of the weekend. My first mission to feroz was incredible and bringing someone back through the portal. thanks to the lady who played grieffer. you were awesome and made a great bit of plot to the point where it was emotional ic for all involved. Thank you to the npc who was guilty of murder it was an intensive scene. the fella who stabbed the varushkan general in the tavern. damn it let me have a seat for at least ten mins before you stab someone again please!!! lol. I enjoyed that plot line and you had me laughing inside so much that it actually was hard not to laugh at you calling my character incompetent. To the other militia people and magistrates your all awesome. I loved playing alongside you and bouncing ideas off your characters they were awesome. I cannot wait to see you all again.

thanks to everyone involved. matt and team you guys are are fantastic and gave me an incredible experience

That game had the most spectacular ego-feedback. The more people said “I can’t wait to see what Evander says today” the more audacious I managed to make him, the more people said “I can’t believe you said that” and the cycle continues. It’s a good thing I’m not allowed mana crystals any more, as a dramaturge they’d probably spontaneously detonate in my pocket with all this melodrama.

Unimaginable thanks to everyone who put up with me while I was particularly obnoxious IC, to everyone who took the time to ask “are you really ok with all of this” OOC, and of course to everyone involved in the undoubtedly vast and unjust conspiracy to bring me low.

I shan’t go into any details as much of this will be far more fun to let fester in the rumour mill, but everyone who I argued with, worked with, received secret sympathy from or bludgeoned with an iron spike in front of a hundred witnesses was just wonderful to play with. In a couple of instances I even managed a rational discussion about matters other then myself.

For the sake of my reputation though, I wasn’t quite as drunk as I was making out to be during my pantomime villain reappearance in conclave, but I thought it might be a very good way to get away with a lot of shouting, and besides, from a dramaturgist’s viewpoint I felt it was somewhat expected of me.

For those of you with no idea what I’m on about, jump on the Sorcery-plot train, destination fun, next stop shouting. The buffet car will be serving sandwiches and a selection of hot and cold revenge.

Lunetta’s froth:

I would not have had ANY game whatsoever without Felix. Personal plot abounded and caused so much trouble and chaos, and was just…so fantastic. I have never seen a proposal-but-not-proposal-but-sort-of-proposal-but-maybe-proposal-if-I-get-permission before, but that was fantastic. Then having to explain this several times over was even more awesome, as it made my usually-quite-composed character turn into a massive ball of slushy, embarrassed, irritated goo. XD

Drunken Promises:
Oh dear, where on earth could you possibly get drunk for the first time and find that you have created some delicious plot and possibly even made MORE friends than you began with? Answer: Empire! I, as I mentioned copiously to my drinking buddies, had never got drunk OC, let alone IC, and it lead to some wonderful moments and some interesting moments. Wonderful moments: making your beloved jealous by getting his brother to sit on your lap when he refuses. (Leading to him taking up arms against someone for the first time) and getting to get to know some of the others in the carta. Interesting moments are like having to try to talk yourself out of a potential hole when questioned on your choice of words when referring to the Grandmistress of a different carta as “your” Grandmistress ; or owing someone a debt of “more than you can possibly ever repay” (whoops), realising your mistake and having to grovel for all it’s worth to get the wording changed, (and realising as a priestess you have failed six of the seven virtues in doing so – but the one you kept was your own so everything is AWESOME!); or trying to endear yourself to the new Master of Hearts (who just so happens to be the brother of the person you wish to marry) – which apparently went down far better than it could have, and (this one I am slightly more hazy on, as I believe it happened but cannot clearly remember…) approaching the Grandmaster and Grandmistress notifying them of your intent to move cartas to be with your beloved. Which leads to…

The Changing of the Cartas:
So. Many. Feels. I still don’t know how I feel OC. Lunetta feels she has made the right decision because of her love and want to be there with Felix, but I think she will miss out on a lot of small-scale plot because of the move. It has been great to move into a group and find new friends and new plot and new…ways of doing things, but at the same time it has been sad to leave a group who have become my LARP family for such change. Who knows what the future holds? I adore the Carta Bellamarina and had so much fun with you all - you are amazing people and everything I posted on the group forum is true. I thank you so, so much for keeping me in the League after E3 and giving me an anchor to cling to as a newbie. I honestly owe you so much as a roleplayer, and Lunetta is not going to never be seen again - you guys have played too much of a role in her life in recent months for her to just bugger off and never look back - she’ll be checking in every so often. (Even if it’s just so I can natter!!!)

Loose Lips?
Accidentally mentioning the chaos surrounding the engagement/non-engagement thing to other Priests of Loyalty is arguably a very silly thing to do. However, the plot that comes out of that is wonderful. Having a meeting with Brother Julius of the Carta Notturno was awesome (I never thought Lunetta would be reminded by another priest that not everything needs to be focussed on the virtues – that was great, as was the comment “She has a lot of courage” looks down at Felix “You, by your own admission, do not.”) although having joined the Gilded Horn Carta, Lunetta’s wish to have him preside over any marriage that may/may not occur may be somewhat difficult with the Cardinal of Ambition residing within it!! Although “ALL THE BUNTING” has now become “a thing” that is totally going to have to happen if/when things occur!

I have a sword, it is awesome. Sparring with Silas and Grace (was amazing, and something I would love to carry on – and maybe even join them on the battlefield!! (Ooh!!) It would be awesome to join the Bravos on the field, but I think I need some hero points before that! (and to own my own armor…and doublet…and hose…and…codpiece (they seem to be a League necessity!!)??? XD)

Lunetta losing her cool!
I have never had to play Lunetta angry. Ever. And yet, as she overheard Felix getting berated by his Grandmistress at the Masquerade of the Reaper, she got overwhelmingly angry. Being able to play a boiling pot of anger and rage that had no way of unleashing it was AMAZING. However, it did mean I spent a good hour in the Tavern while she calmed down, missing some great stuff at the Masquerade, which was suckish. I also acted like a dick to Jak and Miranda and Draiton. Sorry guys!

Due to her anger, Lunetta seemed to miss her cue to make a nation-wide speech on Loyalty, which she was deeply upset about. However, all was not lost when she got the opportunity to make the speech far more personal to a very esteemed guest. Yes, she got to make an impromptu speech to the Reaper himself about those the Carta Bellamarina had lost, and to propose a toast to their comrades and to the Reaper. That was awesome.

Lunetta got very jealous with her Highborn friend (and my OC partner Jak) who attended Anvil for the first time and found himself a League love interest and everything went swimmingly. Given the chaos surrounding her own love life and the brick walls she seemed to be throwing herself at endlessly, there was a lot of irritation and jealousy pointed in his direction, completely unfairly. Again, I’ve never had the opportunity to roleplay that side of her, and I didn’t even realise she had that side to her personality. It was good fun, and I hope it didn’t seem too cruel!!
Missing Loyalty meetings:
Personal plot and missing notices in the Hub seemed to conspire against Lunetta attending any meetings (minus one she walked into by accident) so next time I’ll be trying to make sure I find out when and where they all are. It does help that Jak is now within the same chapter as her Cardinal, so hopefully this should make things easier.

The Gilded Horn Carta:
I love you all, you are going to make Lunetta’s life so difficult for the foreseeable future, but hopefully all will be worth it and things will go well. She might be raring to take it all on…I as a player am less “oomph”y than she is, but….something will work. We’ll see. I can just see Lunetta looking very weary before long…probably more due to her player than her actual emotions. Yeah, the next few games are making me uneasy. We’ll see how well this goes…

Well, that was an amazing event :smiley:

+Open Skies Campfire
+Collecting shinys!
+Healing Orcs and the confused snakebrain it caused
+Watching the Highguard Day of the Dead Procession
+Being part of a Marcher funereal thing and helping carry the dead off field, so many feels!
+“Saving lives is Itchy”
+“Do not listen to these naysayers!”
+Navarri Politics
+Folks from The Mandowlas Arms, for friendly chats and cider!
+Folks from The Applewood, for the same!
+Intense Naga Stares
+Oaths and hilarious flashback/trauma
+WARM kit

+++ Being in a field with awesome friends and huggable people :smiley:

-The rain making the floor muddy and taking my lounging spots away
-Rampaging Wolves taking out tents in the dark
-Having to come home and be a real person. Worst. Plan. Ever. :frowning:

The Good

  • Rolling from Warmage husting #1 (Urizen) to Warmage husting #2 (Rod and Shield), in order to Stitch up Warmage husting #3 (Conclave). Remind me why I put so much work into getting more work?
  • The Imperial Military Council… so many egos, so much fun.
  • Rivals and Minions. Great examples of both.
  • New Model Conclave. Love the 90 degree switch and the new, shorter session. Lots more emphasis on the legwork between sessions.
  • Coordinating no less than 3 army enchantments, plus a fortress.
  • Being greeted with “So you’re the one who wrote the pamphlet on Meta-coven Theory!” - someone read it!
  • The biggest stack of mana I’ve ever held.
  • Realizing that everyone has a different idea of what a Warmage is there to do… and that all of them are wrong except me!
  • Everyone trying to be sympathetic and encouraging to a distraught person, while I just reminded them that it’s the pointy end of their sword that you stick in the barbarians.
  • Trying to explain magical fortresses without “Do you wanna build a fortress?” going through my brain.
  • So many things to do, so little time to do it in and so few places to hide from people who want me to do things that aren’t my problem.
  • Being hunted down in the pub on my night off because nobody had thought that their thing might need magical support until they were halfway through doing it.
  • Mentally preparing my next pamphlets.
  • Trying to filk “Do you wanna build a snowman” to be about raising magical fortresses.
  • Someone saying please, making it all okay.
  • Pushing someone’s button so hard that Spiral leaps straight to the top of their agenda.
  • Catching up with the Spire’s drinking team on sunday night and being barely distracted by wolf-babies at all.
  • Off-site stay made showers possible every day!

The Bad

  • Not sure I’m sold on staying offsite. Warmer in the cold, but the time to and from site is too much.
  • Sunburn on Thursday, despite my high collar.
  • Continuing to do myself the same exact injury every time we do setup. Damn you, blisters!

The Ugly

  • Getting away with not doing washing up all weekend. I was busy, honest… but that isn’t an excuse.
  • Forgetting the vit-C tablets on the Monday, with its wonderful changes of weather, long hours, stress and more driving. Yay, cold!

Copied from the Empire froth FB group in case people are reading this but not that one.


  • Celebrating being back in the UK from first trip ever to North America by going straight to a LARP event with only one day’s rest in between. Was a good plan because a field where I can turn around and see someone I know was great after a conference where I knew nobody.
  • Back to bothering visionaries and sticking my nose into the fallout! Especially Wol’s, which made up a large part of my Saturday and Sunday following up on it and offering help.
  • Priest drugs best drugs! I had a challenge from Tea that involved consuming 15 doses over the event. Managed it, just, and that was all from Insight and Testimony. Getting my liao physrep (Ribena, diluted when possible, occasionally neat) all over my face.
  • Spiritual Traumatic Wounds! Alas, none for me myself, but I got to diagnose some of them. Also be the reason for an Emotional Traumatic Wound on someone.
  • Deaths in the battles, including Nye’s character (producing a whole lot of IC anger at his hypocrisy until the reason why emerged) and Becca’s character, our spire’s arbiter.
  • Becca’s character’s deathbed scene. The feels. The crying. Finally getting a deathbed testimony off (we will see you again, Courageous Arbiter!). Joining in the singing.
  • My character’s past life vision. Oh god, the vision. I was terrified in the half hour before when I slowed down IC enough to think about the prospect (and thus Ian’s character sensibly persuaded mine to go eat). Then there was the IC prep, and then the OOC bits of prep in which everyone was lovely and helpful while my eyes were closed, and then the vision itself. Which I have probably frothed about a whole lot elsewhere (and will likely write fic with more details), so all I will say is it was amazing, there were FACES LIKE SQUID, and I would order Joe Rooney’s death again anytime.
  • People trolling the hell out of my character for the aftereffects of her past life vision.
  • Terrible, terrible Urizen ballgowning, involving asking for relationship advice from at least two other Urizen, one of them being the egregore, and then a proposal presumably so that the party involved could escape the conversation and get back to a religious discussion. Our spire’s resident meddler may be planning cake for a party. I think this may also have kicked off discussion about Urizen courtship customs on the FB group. WHAT HAVE I DONE.


  • ow sunburn
  • ow feet
  • rain during event left my shoes muddy and got half an inch of mud onto a skirt that was impressively unmuddy beforehand (and is dry-clean only). Ah well.
  • button fell off lovely silk shirt. Should have one spare, but if it happens again I’ll need to replace the lot.
  • rain during takedown means my tent is still damp in its bag, and I won’t be collecting it until Sunday. Blech.
  • my wallet now has liao stains on.

Yay people:
Pretty much every character I interacted with more than briefly. Especially this event’s visionaries, Hywel, Iulian, Barak, Cyrus, everyone in Celestial Cascade (to name but a few), and OOC the whole of the PLV team because you are great and I am basically rolling around in your plotfun. :smiley:


*Lucia! Oh, Lucia! As if Saturday night wasn’t enough. Actual tears. Best death ever. There may be an actual proper lament.
**(I don’t like ‘Lusssia’, I can’t alwayss ssay it properly)
**(I can’t sssee you) (who’ss there, I can’t sseee you)
**(that song)
*** cries
*Livia! Much in the way of awesomeness (squiiid). Best 3am conversation.
*Singing with the Phoenix Reach crew. You’re all wonderful, and you have a lovely brightly lit tent and music and awesomeness.
*… Naming no names, but… “It’s like a Dawnish favour.”
**Followed by (… blinkblink… !!! …)
*Ros! One thing leading to another leading to another, and I’m just standing there watching larger and larger and larger dominoes falling and aaaaaaaaaaaaa.
*Heralds! Really excellent heralds, far too many of them for any small group of PCs to nom.
**Especial props to the amazingly disturbing herald of the Green Mother, and the way that he sat and talked and smiled.
***And everythign else that happened wrt that plot and aaaaaaaaaa.
*Refs! May I just say that Tom and Tea reffing rituals has led to a distinct increase in our health and safety precautions. And whenever we needed a ref, THERE WAS A REF. It was amazing.
*Just spontaneously pulling out and casting rituals for a specific plot without thinking about the whole ref requirement thing and the NPC being cool with that and just making it happen.
*All the plot! all of it! and we took it and hid it under our voluminous cloaks and then the cloaks became full and plot kept spilling out!
**no really, you think you know my secrets, I HAVE MORE SECRETS
****or something
***Awesome Leviathan answer, even though the physrep was un-ribboned and oddly hard to describe
*The Conclave changes, although I’m too close to them to evaluate them objectively: I think they’re awesome
*The Senate changes, handled in THE BEST FASHION
**I am sad to see someone as awesome looking as Origen go, but it was amazing to be able to say smilingly that we were so sorry to see him go
***“I do apologise, but I find myself unable to agree with you” - “Well, in that case, sir, my congratulations”
*Reactions to my physrepping - <3 you all! Especially the kids who kind of stared fascinated and went ‘ewwww’ in a gratifying fashion
**“I cut myself shaving.”
***“Dammit, my physrep’s falling off, does anyone have any fake blood?” fake blood appears in under twenty seconds
****I had multiple people ask me if I’d injured myself OOC
****I’m not done yet
*****I am a bad person


*Lining up five people from four nations and telling them to stay findable for eight hours because the Llofir heralds (a) promised us awesome plot (b) based on last time, would require us literally instantly upon arrival (c) could not give me a time window better than ‘within the next thirty-six hours’.
**And then the Eternal cancelled on us.
***But that was due to OOC reasons and I’m confident that lessons were learned and it’ll be better next time.
**Discovering OOC tent flood at 4am
**flappytent: not sure how to fix. It flogs like an unsheeted sail; I swear it’s perfectly fine, it’s just that it flogs.
*my feets, my poor feets
*I swear my legs are half an inch shorter

(From the top of my head)


Setting up in record time.
Speed rituals - buffing all the group’s resources one after the other.
Getting new Coven members.
Group members making their presence felt in all aspects of the game.
Getting a last-minute gambit through.
Market place is looking better & better.
Battle skirt making - a nice chilled way to start a Friday.
The Conclave meetings are now both fun to watch and to take part in.


Mutilating an orc prisoner mid-battle, and the monster playing it up fantastically! Thank you so much!
The result of our gambit freaking people out, and significantly changing the wider game.
Rescuing our bard in the last few seconds of his death count, and dragging him back through our lines in epic fashion. “Touch us and I will burn you!”
Paying tribute to the Reikos players - really good fun.


Worst-timed rainstorm ever.
Lack of Winter Heralds. Lady of Shards was very cool, but would have been nice to see a few more from the wiki eternals around.
Rushing to get ready for morning battles. I know they eat into the day, but even half an hour more prep time would help.

  • realising from this thread I’m not trying hard enough work my personal plot.
  • having my first ic poke of my backstory which is gonna end messy, I can tell!

++ seeing my draughiry partner in crime on the senate. Hasn’t quite sunk in that he’s important yet.

+++ ic weddings. Even if the priest died in battle two days prior!

  • rain…

+In the Saturday battle I was on the scavenge for arrows when I find a barbarian impaled through the groin while a couple of Marchers ask if he wants to live or die. I go “bleed as you think!” and rip it out. Cue screaming and major winces from them. Very gratifying.

+Getting to use an offensive call while monstering.

+Bridge fighting and falling in the water

+Feeling as though I’m finally getting somewhere in the mercenary game.

-Armouring up and trudging through the rain to go for the Sunday evening Raptors quest but getting there too late.

+The giant Varushkan firepit.

+A prime seat for Slak watching

+Midnight Curry Knights

Still coming down from the event high :slight_smile:

My highlights were:

My group, Felix’s Watch continues to be awesome and a source of so many great moments.

Russ and Rebby’s food, Om Nom Nom.

Our camp looking very sweet indeed.

Giving counsel as keeper to my chapter mates and getting some excellent counsel in return when I needed it.

Plotting with chapter mates Sargon and Gideon about Prosperity.

Dropping a surprise on some friends in the League and then plotting with them afterwards. It’s like they knew telling me “You know that thing you want to do, it’s dangerous” was just the thing to make me go do it :slight_smile:.

Before that talking to Luiz and Rose outside “Nothing happened!” and “I’m feeling irrationally angry!” :slight_smile:

Hearing Tim Packer’s Imperial Anthem, catchy little bastard of a tune it is :slight_smile:. The Mandowla’s Arms is one of my favourite places on the field.

Being briefly captured in the King’s Stoke Vortex of Emotion, also realising just who they’d lost in the Saturday battle.

Also being hit in the gut when I heard about the losses the Foxes has suffered.

Getting swept up in the fallout from a True Liao Vision, once again Team Quantum Leap delivered the drama which was then grabbed and ran with. Led to some very surprising places and some of the most intense conversations I’ve had at a game in a long time.

The concept of Bad Highguard Romance novels and realising who in HG is in one.

Steadfastly denying all the scurrilous rumours what goes on in Highguard Bath Houses to have a chapter mate roll in and undermine that in a few words. “Helping!” as she would say facepalm.

Highguard’s Day of the Dead Parade, a bit of faff getting the timing sorted out but it all came right with everyone pulling together. Best moments included walking through the League festivities and them parting like a wave for us and passing the generals meeting just in time for Ruth et al to join the parade and leave the assembled generals to watch.

Getting to do my first inquisitions including leading one against a wily merchant prince. I’ll get you next time gadget shakes fist. The fallout from the Navarr inquisition was also interesting in a “can open, worms everywhere” kind of way :slight_smile:. Also had a great team up with Agnetha asking difficult questions.

Our Sunday battle where everything worked, was great to see us exorcists efficiently dogpiling any wraith that came at us :slight_smile:. And surrounding the Thule and grinding them into a fine paste was very satisfying.

Becoming part of the counselling service for Dawn alongside being busy dealing auras to them.

Then hearing from my brother Ira the loyalty priest about the Dawnish case I’d sent in his direction and the marriage counselling session that followed.

Getting to True Liao Vision fanboy at Livia about her vision. Trolling her gently afterwards.

Being told off by my Exarch on and off the battlefield :slight_smile:.

Finally getting to exchange a few words with friends in the Archmage Nicovar (the mad) College lot in the League. More of this! :slight_smile:

The Courage Assembly coming together and it all working. Was very gratifying being able to drop a donation to Ira’s project from then afterwards. As was being given money for it from some people in Urizen out of the blue.

So, here’s the obligatory post-event post. I had a good event, but I wouldn’t say it was epic. I’m not quite sure why. There were definitely some high points and some fun interpersonal role-play but I really couldn’t tell you what I did all weekend or what I achieved (even though I definitely did stuff and I don’t think I spent large amounts of time sitting down doing nothing, we were generally on the go in one way or another).

A few small things though:

  • Both Eve’s ruthless side and small amounts of Wisdom crept out on a couple of occasions
  • The Cardinal of Courage said I was a brave girl
  • I love Felix’s Watch
  • Enjoyable short exchange with Escon one evening late on
  • A small personal journey was resolved - thanks to accidental contributions by six members of the Chapter
  • The few visits I made to the League and to Dawn
  • Non-verbal role-play with an intense draughir in the Conclave
  • Creme de Menthe and Baileys
  • Amazing food (thanks to Reb and Russ)
  • The return of chaptermates who’d been away for some time.
  • Eve’s doomed love life (which continues to be doomed!)
  • Being Keeper and being Kept


  • My group(s): The Circle of Zulgan-Tash and the Wychlovar – fabulous people, fabulous fun. Varushka continues to be a wonderful place to roleplay.
  • The Piscean Heresy: ‘Why don’t you eat anchovies?’ ‘Because the souls of animals stick to your soul and make it too fat and wobbly to traverse the labyrinth’ ‘What?!? What do you eat then?’ ‘Iridescent Gloaming of course.’ - I should probably not be allowed to speak to cardinals.
  • The mini-dean Simargl sock-puppet, complete with marshmallow fez: ‘Just like that!!’ - Apparently he’s even ruder and more unpleasant than I am.
  • The first battle: being a complete liability then getting left behind with the rest of the ritualists by the bulk of the warriors – delicious peril, delicious trauma!
  • The second battle – skirmishing as an orc was very enjoyable. Out of curiosity I wore my HRM and GPS watch: 2.5km moved, average HR 135bpm, 660 calories. Despite the battle lasting an hour and a half, only 21 minutes of that was spent running and all of that quite slowly. Not the best exercise all things considered.
  • ‘Urgh, my crisps and my beer taste weird now.’ ‘And what have you learned from this?’ ‘Never take pills from this man, he’s a dick!’ (I’m not sorry Floree/Helly and I’d do it again).
  • Conclave changes – a huge improvement.
  • The introduction of Kickstarter to fund magical research.
  • New rituals turn out to be loads of fun – thanks to Andy Raff for turning half-baked ideas into fun, fun, fun.
  • Engaging with the military campaign turned out to be a great idea, I had lots of fun combining military intelligence with magical visions and then applying ritual magic in response. The Night Realm divinations are really working well now.
  • Chatting with the Axos - nice to meet people who make me look comparatively less creepy.
  • ‘Can I help you?’ ‘Er…I’m trying to figure out if you are who I think you are.’ ‘Well, I know that I am who I think I am, so if who I think I am is the same as who you think I am, then I am indeed who you think I am. Does that help?’ confused face.
  • ‘Hello man with no face.’ ‘How do you know I have no face?’ ‘Well, I can’t see your face.’ ‘Oh, right…In that case: hello man with no penis.’
  • Confirming that I could use Cast off the Chains of Memory on myself: the trauma of field brain surgery is much better when you can just forget the whole incident.
  • The 30 second Heresy/Treason rule - it’s not heresy or treason if you only do it for 30 seconds or less, or if you fix it within 30 seconds. The League tent of mild heresy, blasphemy, and treason is a special place and one I will have to visit more often.

I really wish I could remember more of the 30 second heresy conversation, other than it being an extension of the 10 second rule and a truely terrible idea

It’s safer for all of us if we don’t remember too hard.

People’s reaction to my big ‘Build a Dragon’ plan, and when I mention it to strangers… ‘Oh YOU’RE the guy building a dragon?’
All the interactions in The Hammer, IC, OC and Wibbly-C
Making up stories about the two foul-mouthed brasscoast corsair sisters
Collecting dragonbone
Being led round the camp by the egregore to be interrogated by the people of Urizen
Gaining two new wonderful barmaids!
Talking to people about dragons
Fun as hell auction
Getting support for the Dragon and also donations (Plot team- expect an e-mail)
Frothing about the Dragon to the egregore who had interesting ideas
listening to other people talk dragon
Having to travDragon

might be going mad.

Oh also, I donated a Tiara to the kids academy… cost me a lot on the bourse auction last year… Turns out they have been using it loads, and it was a big game-changer for them! I really hope they manage to re-charge it somehow to last another year. If you wanna know what it does, Have a chat with the academy!

“If you [redacted] with a dragon we shall kill you ourselves” XD

best day ever :slight_smile:

See that’s the thing - no-one wants to commit.

If I do this and it goes sour, it will be a ‘Pah, told you so - Idiot’ and so forth.

If it goes right, EVERYONE will want a piece of it. Needless to say, all those who will ‘Watch from a distance’ or ‘I will observe for science/research purposes’ will not be top of my list to help, and as you get lower down the list, the more expensive the help will become.
I had this idea in E1. Ask yourself… Why am I getting so excited about it now?

If you think it sounds epic and want a piece, you know where I am :wink: