2015 dates

I may seem a bit over keen but does anyone know roughly when the empire dates for next year will be announced or where to find them?


PD have advertised dates and opened booking in October for the past two years of Empire. Roughly, I think we can hope E1 & 2 will be on the Easter and Whit Bank Holiday weekends, but not guarantee.

Many thanks, thats very helpful.

I’m pretty new so wasn’t sure how far in advance its planned.

E3 is NORMALLY the last weekend in July - not sure how that will play out next year as the 31st is a Friday.

I think Easter 2015 is still under debate for E1, since its early again (the first weekend in April) and people recall the issues of the launch event “frostfest” in 2013 and the misery of frozen pipes, and rutted ground.