2015 E1 tent planning

I see some of the other nations have made a start on this.

Simon, will you be handling it for the League again this time?

If not, is someone else?


First draft has been done and published on there and now the minor shuffling around is going on.

There is plenty of space so panic levels are low.

Thank you Jason, but that URL just shows me a Facebook login page.

Can you post up the plan here Jason - for those who don’t use Facebook…

…and please could it include the tent of the Four Rivers theatre troupe?
That’s a bell-tent of 5m diameter plus guy-lines (so 7-8m including them).
Near Carta Notturno or Bellamarina if possible.

(Though that’s a request for the planner rather than for Jason, who as far as I can tell is just passing on information. Would someone be so kind as to pass the tent-details the other way, or post a link here to a spreadsheet or whatever makes sense?)

Matt, thank you for chiming in.

I’ve seen it on the plan. The Google link is here:

Thank you Roz.

Hmm, is there a national tent, like this time last year?
The key to the letter-labels doesn’t seem to match the set of letters on the map.

I think Justin hasn’t updated the key (yet). SM (my tent) isn’t in the key, nor are several others.