2016 event dates?

As I have the sort of job that means I have to submit by October 2015 my leave for the 2016/17 year…

Does anyone know when the dates of next year’s 4x Empire events will be released?

Wentnto Summer event this year and had a great time, despite the rain and mud.

Want to book all four next year!

Easter weekend definitely, Spring (end of May) Bank Holiday probably.

This year was the last weekend in July and the second weekend in September, but I don’t know if those dates are as set.

P.S. If you haven’t been before, the Easter and May events have an extra day; Friday evening until Monday afternoon.

I’ve not, the July event was my first Empire… why the extra day on some but not others? as to be honest the Sunday was a bit shit for me… I had a huge battle ( really amazing) but then couldn’t get past (mentally) having to decamp by hand across Anvil to the van followed by a seven hour drive home with three kids.

That meant I missed a lot of plot stuff, and noticed a lot of people struggling to stay IC on Sunday.

A Monday finish would have been Ace!

The mondays on the first two events are always bank holidays so you get an extra day.

The last day is always a bit of a mental struggle for me too. Lots of people need to start take down before time out (because, as you say, it’s often a long drive home) so you are thinking OC practical thoughts and it’s hard to stay IC, especially after a long battle. The long events do have that same feel on the Monday but at least you had Sunday to try to get through things as well.