3 Things you'd tell a new player in the Imperial Orcs

A lot of changes for Imperial Orcs in the last year or so at Empire, land in Skarsind and a senator too now. So what would you tell a new player about being an orc, about anything from the practicalities of surviving in a mask, how to kit up, to the cool bits of the Imperial Orc brief that you enjoy?

Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone, people will back you up and support you, the orcs are one big family. We might fight each other IC but we will always support each other OC and IC.

Get used to your mask before the game, wear it, tweek it, wear it, tweek it.

Dry feet are a game changer, good boots and good socks will make all the difference.


As I said before, the orc players are a supportive group, the best place to get that support is on the Facebook page. Never be afraid to pop on there and say hi, ask question, etc etc. We have kit tutorials for beginners, we can point you in the direction of orc related kit suppliers, we can help you find a group that fits your game play so you get maximum awesome from it.

Basically the Facebook page is your best friend when it comes to joining the orcs.

  1. If you want to be an orc - be an orc!

  2. Everyone has their own interpretation of the brief. Read the brief, read the recent winds of fortune (especially those to do with Skarsind as Mark alluded above), check with PD if you’re unsure, then go be yourself. There is no one right way to be an orc.

  3. As K said above, self-care is even more important than usual when you are wearing a mask for a whole weekend. Prioritise water, food, and breathing time, and make your kit as comfortable as possible. If you need help with any of those things, don’t be uncomfortable - just ask as we all share those struggles and someone in camp will always be willing to help.


Have a think about Ancestors before you hit play.

I find one of the most difficult parts of the brief to hit is getting across that voices sometimes talk to me - when I’m in headspace, I simply don’t have the spare mental capacity to think about what the ancestors might be saying. To get around that, I’m trying to think of common things my ancestors might say - a wise old Imperial Orc telling me I’m blathering on and need to be more concise, a Druj chieftain telling me not to draw attention to myself or to take advantage of people’s weaknesses, that sort of thing - so in the heat of the moment I only need enough brain to realise one of my stock ancestral yells is applicable. If you find you can run a more active voice, that’s fantastic; this is an angle for if you’re finding it difficult.

Other than that - be willing to look after yourself, as the masks add a layer of difficulty. It’s very doable but you have to be forgiving with yourself, especially when you’re not used to it.

And finally - pick some things your character believes in and you might be willing to talk about! It sometimes looks like the orc camp has a consensus that everyone believes, but disagreement can be cool and often more people agree with the dissenting voice than is immediately apparent.


Even though the Orcs now have a homeland they haven’t had it long, previous to this we had Legions(armies). Decide for your characters background which Legion you would have come from, the details of the 2 legions Winter Sun & Summer Storm) are located on the wiki.

Ancestors, having one is cool and always good to have one from a tribe you share a bloodline with but there are very very few Imperial Orc ancestors, all bar 2 have been heard as it takes a tremendous effort for the first orcs of a new tribe to cross the abyss, so please do not create any new Imperial orc ancestors, the current ones are characters that made a name for themselves and earned it. The plot team will add more in game.

We have no concept of personal space, living in armies always on the road you end up not being shy and sharing everything, so a lot of orcs also role play this by having no concept of personal space, so be prepared for close up role play.


Hi, is there a seperate Imperial Orc fb Page or do you refer to the Empire LRP page which I have found ?

I believe people are referring to this page.

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