3 Things You'd Tell A New Player In The League

Jumping on the memetic bandwagon, what are the three things (ideally without repeating the 5 Things from the Wiki) that you’d tell a new player in the League?

I might be biased but the first thing I would do is contact one of the Nations Egragores. Our role as you might be aware is to sign post new players to plot, cool things to do and generally be there to help.

Currently we have three:

The Duke
The Captain
The Harlequin

Come to them with an idea of what games you want and they will do their very best (well I will as you know I am one) to make the best game within your power for you.

  1. Clothes - League dress is fancy but not always warm. When getting the outfits together, think and layers and how to hide thermals.

  2. This is larp not an reenactment - Don’t worry about being historically accurate in clothes, roles etc.

  3. Join the forum/facebook page - I strongly recommend joining these and posting to introduce yourself. The players of the League are friendly, welcoming and an excellent source of knowledge and support. This way you can turn up on the field already knowing a few names. .

  1. The League is political. Information will be valuable to someone. If you don’t have a position yourself, be useful to someone who does.

  2. Everything has a price. Be it hard payment, subtle influence or favours, get your return one way or another. Doing things out of the goodness of your heart? Sure, do that to gain influence and prestige, and power!

  3. Be extraordinary. Make people talk about you one way or another. Image is everything.


Two now… :frowning:

My first piece of advice is:

Your Hat/Hose/Doublet/ect is never too big/fancy/poofy/ect. The league more than other nations, your soft kit is as much a statement of who you are.

Piece of advice B:

Be big and brash and bold. If IRL you are shy, then let it all out. Wear a mask and make a fuss. The league are all about ambition (prosperity is just a way of keeping score). Respect, Favours, Enemies, Rivals. All are a measure of your worth.

Piece of advice Trois:

Find a thing you want your character to focus on. Hard I know as a new player, but look at some part of the game that draws you in. Then go for it full bore. You like to trade, then go and be a wandering trader. Talk to as many different groups nations, buy cheep, sell high and make some money that way. Ect. Give your character drive to do something, and by extension go and do it. If you hit a brick wall or don’t enjoy it as much, you can change tack. But ask about first, there may be ways of doing something with resources or contacts you do not yet have.