30 Days to Empire 1 - What are you working on?


trying to get a tent for IC. maybe not the most exciting but it would be nice to have.



Finally making hardback songbooks for sale having finally finished the content after two years of procrastination. Because I’m clever and organised like that.



I have a beautiful box that I need to repair as a gift for someone. I also need to sort out a couple of IC letters.



I’m making a blanket for a Navarri baby. It’s a seven spoked wheel pattern, of course, and any knitters on this thread will sympathise with me for having had to do maths to make it happen as nobody makes any patterns that come in sevens of anything :stuck_out_tongue:



I have literally just put the finishing touches on the new AAG signboard.



Most of what I am working on are small and look a little wonky as I work on a shoestring budget most of the time. However, my partner keeps reminding me that it’s still awesome that I’m trying to make things and learning new skills and that makes me happy. Seriously, I don’t think I’d do half as much LARP prep without her encouragement.

Currently I’m finishing off turning an old leather coat into an apron. I’ve earned the nickname of Chapter Mother within our group and I’m deciding to embrace it.

Also, many people in my chapter have or are getting awesome staffs to complement our ritualistic nature. They all look amazing but are way out of my price range, so I bought a £7.99 broom from Tesco and gave it a few coats white acrylic paint. Then I bought some black and slightly sparkly ‘pleather’-like material from Hobbycraft, cut it into strips and criss-crossed it around the broom. I then painted (well actually my partner painted, she has a steadier hand than I) a couple of coats of white paint in the diamond-shaped gaps left by the ‘pleather’ and wrapped some off-cuts of my old leather coat around the top of the broom for a handle. The next job is to paint on some appropriate runes. More of a walking stick than a staff, but it’s a start. I’ve included a picture to try and make sense.

Ah, and I have also bought a large length of chain from B&Q and am working on turning it into a wrap/chunky bracelet to represent the strong feelings of loyalty to my chapter, and attaching all the trinkets and charms I had previously worn around my neck (because they kept smacking me in the face). The challenge I have right now is figuring out how to keep it on my wrist and prevent the wrapped chain from loosening and falling off. TJust trial and error to figure that out now. From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success, and all that jazz!

Oh, and our chapter bought our first large tent together so last weekend we had a test at putting it up. Now we’re just banging our heads together to work out set dressing.



I look forward to seeing these on the field!



I’m not working on anything which makes me a little sad. Real life has been a bit of a nightmare so I haven’t been able to do any larger projects but maybe I can set myself a small task for the event.
Perhaps a painting or a small piece of embroidery.

Oh and repair or replace my airbed!



I have a set of shoulder armour still at the artisans, and when I get it back I need to paint it in my House colours and personal runes… shouldn’t take too long, but it’s something on the “to do” list that I haven’t started yet…



Mainly I need to make myself finish writing up lots of statistics. Also need to write and send a couple of letters and make at least one gift.



Currently, I’m washing kit and making sure it’s ready for another year in the field - does it need repairing or altering, do I want to amend it a bit to reflect the last year etc. Also, trying to write a short book and a magazine for publication in the field, but they’re both being recalcitrant at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:



Currently working on making myself a couple of bracers and a custom headband thingy for my Wintermarker! They’re looking great so far but i’ve still got some ways to go.

I’m also trying to figure out how to make a klappenrock so i can have a fancy coat for the field or high class player events. Might also be working on getting a sneaky tattoo that is IC appropriate…



Having finnished all the physical upgrades to the camp (new wooden poles, canvas tests and a blackboard on a frame) I’ve still got tones to do. Putting the finishing touches on a series of IC letters, making tunics for my nations Emu, setting up E2’s homebrew on the weekend, sterilising and labeling 200 bottles for this events home brew, killing of flavouring and decanting this events homebrew, finnishing of my skirt of leather scales and maybe making myself a new coat. In short busy busy busy. Will probably come on here with updates to shame myself into working fasted :grin:



Stuff for my character is mostly done. Stuff for other people’s is still a long and scarey list, several shirts, new surcoat (fortunately already done the chapter badges), Dress that can be easily managed for breastfeeding, and a couple of phys reps for magical items.

Plus gifts for Highguard New year of course.



Waiting for my clank to arrive. Then getting it to fit is what I’ll be doing.



Me and my buddy are counting up our stash, ready to get our trade on. Looking forward to seeing what the new Bourse notes look like aswell - I wanna be surprised so avoiding looking at Wikis and stuff. Also trying to bodge together some bits and bobs to help trade, and making plans as to which camps/groups to visit straight away on Friday.

I’m sure we’ll be figuring out any other cheeky trades we’ll be spinning for OC stuff aswell, Just to keep it interesting.



I’m so jealous of the kit-work that so many Empire players do! It’s so impressive to see what people are capable of. I’ve never been particularly good when it comes to textiles sadly…I have a coat that someone else is going to help me out with, though possibly not in time for E1. I’ve also been thinking that as a Varushkan volhov I need more “tat”, but haven’t really been able to find anything suitable yet.

The one thing I can say though, is that the honey rum is in the fermenting stage! :smiley:



In among various commissions, I’m making some things for me and my banner! A Red Wind Corsairs shield, and a Bloodgold Jackals banner



Apparently, rather than doing any of the things I’m supposed to be doing, what I’m actually doing is filking sea shanties. Whoops.



Wood/PLA composite pendants,3D-printed and now stained up. Might try painting and/or varnishing some.