-4 herbs on 1st event?!

Just been reading into things that might affect my character on the wiki page and found out by accident I’ve chosen possibly the worst hit home territory and resource for recent events.
Ref. 383YE Winter Solstice interlude - The Feast of Tharim, Blood and Gold.
As a Navarr from Miaren I’ll suffer -2 herbs for each, -4 total!
I’m sure this information was all available before I chose my character, but can’t help feeling personally attacked.
Is this kind of double hit a common occurrence, or intended to hit the same people twice?
I get the fluff reasons for both, but it seems odd to do two of the same type of negative hit on overlapping populations.

I’ll take the hit and chalk it up to bad luck n part of the experience. Don’t want to whinge, just highlighting something that seemed odd in the design of it.

Yup, some territories can take a kickimg. Currently there are stacked territory cursed on three of the four highguard territories.

My character is from Reikos, at one point in the past there were so many curses on it, and it was held by the druj, so I got 2 of my 10 votes from my congregation for an entire year.

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That’s a massive hit!
I know it’s characterful for the setting etc… but it seems harsh in terms of games design.
It makes sense if everyone is a regular attendee and will be present for years on end, but with so many 1st timers or intermittent players, these effects can massively impact the cost of a player’s event.
Just seems like an unintended oversight.
They could hit the same region with different effects, or make a point of not affecting the same region twice, but the same effects on the same region strikes me as something that could have been avoided.

These are both effects that player characters chose to make happen - they weren’t forced onto Miaren by PD. One of them (Blood and Gold) was actually entirely down to the Navarr National Assembly - no one from any other nation could vote on it!

By all means, however, feel free to send any feedback into matt@profounddecisions.co.uk if you want to bring it to PD’s attention.


On the plus point, rather than looking at the material element of it, just look at all the awesome RP opportunities that arise because you have chosen that particular territory :slight_smile:

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One factor is that for Navarr, herbs are the iconic resource, so you would expect more people in the nation to happen and therefore a number of the choices tend to focus on herb gardens, as for hitting the same region twice 1 is the whole of Navarr and the other is the three Imperial territories of Navarr.

That being said it also means you are joining Navarr at a point where there is a lot going on, Empire is a large game it’s very easy to not feel involved. You could see these as negatives, or you could see this as an obvious source of objectives for your first game. 1/3 of your herbs have been lost due to decisions made at Anvil. Turning up seeking why they have sacrificed a third of your prosperity will probably get you as much game as those 4 herbs.

The other option, is as a new player PD are good about letting you change elements if you feel you have made a mistake and you wouldn’t have picked a Miaren Herb Garden if you had known more.


Tharim is not nice. He’s powerful, and Navarr PCs wanted to use a bit of that power. That deal came at a cruel and expensive price, but you’d expect nothing less from The Bound King.

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I don’t know who The Bound King is, but I don’t trust rulers anyway.
It takes a certain mindset to be a ruler and u don’t get there by being too nice… even if it’s a hereditary position, u don’t tend to stay there by being too nice either.

Whatever you thought about rulers, Tharim is worse. https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/The_Thrice-cursed_Court#Tharim
A great first event motive would be “Who is this Tharim dude anyway, and why is he messing with my herbs?”


“I can’t help but feel personally attacked”.

If you, OC, feel personally attacked by the consequences of the roleplay choices of others at the game, you may find fest larp a challenge! Big negative events such as curses, territory loss, economic sanctions, side effects of religious choices are a massive feature of Empire, intended to provide conflict and enjoyment to players. Your character might well not like them happening and might take action to try to change or prevent them - but taking them oc personally could well lead to a frustrating experience, because they will happen and they affect everyone and they are not possible to wholly avoid as an experience.

I can imagine it being tough for a new player if you were expecting your game to revolve around herb trading to realise you will have fewer resources than you might have done - but I do think it’s really important to not get stuck in the mindset of taking stuff that happens in the game world oc personally. Stuff happens! It’s all there to react to. Reacting to it is the point of the game.


It’s a hit for sure but what a fantastic hook for getting involved in things for your first event! You could turn the irritation into game for sure.

  • Read up everything you can on the wiki about the two events - what the exact reasoning behind them was, who caused them, etc etc
  • If you think your character would take issue with the causes, make a plan to complain loudly at Anvil, find other people who disagree, give those responsible a piece of your mind, etc etc

-4 herbs, +2 investigations. Sounds like a bargain to me.

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I’d say it’s a feature, not a bug… but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Others have come up with some excellent ways to approach it from an RP perspective, but honestly I reckon email PD and see if you can switch resources if you are concerned about not being able to play the game you signed up to play. No point swimming against the tide if it’s not going to work for you.