A couple of questions from a potential new player


As I see it, perhaps the core concept of poise is that you don’t allow your emotions to control you. Of course you feel them, and of course often you’ll choose to express them because you want others to know what you’re feeling… but the important thing is that it is a choice, a decision. Head rules over heart. Emotions are motives, yes, but you don’t let them push you into immediate action: instead you make considered actions with the aim of achieving the things you desire or ridding yourself of what you despise, etc.

When your friends and family are murdered by barbarians… well, maybe right then you have some important things you have to do immediately (such as writing the report and sending it off, or working to patch up a defensive wall), and poise means doing those things, postponing the grief and weeping until later when there’s time. But then you should grieve because you know quite rationally that it would be bad for you to try to avoid it indefinitely.

I sort of see what you mean about Urizen and the League… but the difference is that in Urizen people usually just choose how much of their underlying true emotion to show (typically expressing it just briefly if it’s strong) whereas in the League, to don a mask is is to present a different self, sometimes thoroughly different. (Not necessarily a fake one, just a different one.)

Urizeni do engage in joking.

Of course people in other nations can enjoy making jokes mocking the parody notion of Urizeni as humourless killjoys who do not do fun… but it’s not really right.


On the Virtues… check the Wiki, because it’s a few years since I read this and I might be wrong, but I seem to remember that Imperial Doctrine says that each and all of the seven Virtues help a soul to travel through the Labyrinth to be reborn more quickly (so it’s reasonable to concentrate on all of them or one or a few), but to escape the Labyrinth for ever (becoming a Paragon) you have to excel in a single Virtue (any one of them will do). Every Paragon is a Paragon of some particular Virtue.


You might not need a carrying-strap. When you go off to battle you’ll have the sword in your hands. When people are just wandering around Anvil, a sword like that is an awkward thing to carry so people usually leave them in their tents or whatever. Some of the more organised groups (spires in Urizen, chapters in Highguard) have weapons-racks in their communal tents.

(My own group is not as well organised as that, so the tent has a weapons pile instead.)


People who think Urizen don’t do fun just haven’t been invited to the right parties :wink:


Head over heart is a good way of looking at it. Urizen tell jokes, get angry, smile when they see a loved one etc. It’s just that they try to ensure they are always in control.

Also is worth noting that these are society expectations. Losing control is like being caught with your underwear on display, it’s embarrassing and something to be avoided if possible but it does happen. Sometimes more frequently than we’d like. :grin:


CharlieP, when it comes to chainmail in Unconquered specifically though? Or Highguard as a whole? Please verify for me if you don’t mind.

Also, is it a myth or does highguard have a deep love for skull/bone decoration? Again, I don’t want my wife to have nightmares after strolling around Highguard camp in the late evenings with torches illuminating skulls in a rather creepy manner :thinking:

@Bradstyley @Canashir
I understand Poise in regards to duty and that there’s a time and place for everything, including emotions. I think experiencing it might just have to be the best way to understand it fully, seems alien to me as I strive not to bottle my emotions and always be honest. Then again, we’re roleplaying not ourselves but a character we create ^^ For all that matters, it would be a challenge.

If anyone here is in charge of moderating the facebook groups for both highguard and urizen, I have applied to both if I could get accepted so I could read some information / discussions there too. Thanks in advance ^^


There is plenty of chainmail, on both unconquered and guardians (line fighters). I don’t go to battle, and I usually only help the plate armour wearer gets into theirs. One of my chapter mates does but he’s a guardian. Some of the unconquered I know wear chain, but I can’t tell you how many.

Have a look on the Highguard pages of the wiki, or the photo forum and you can see what’s there. Much of the armour is under a surcoat for both Highguard and Dawn though.

The skull thing is a silly in joke, feel free to ignore it.


Seems like the empire larp: highguard group blocked my application on the facebook group? Ugh… If anyone has some pull in the group can I get some help here?


Try again, shouldn’t be an issue, there were other people added today, and the mods for the FB group are mods on here too.


Cant try again, seems Ive literally been blocked. Ill figure it out in the coming days, need some rest ahead of work ^^

Thanks for all the help in understanding the nations guys, much appreciated!


@thresher You’d think the 2H swords might not be too suitable for Unconquered, but they use whatever is effective- the Landsknecht’s Zweihander gets peppered around in some Unconquered groups according to lore, being able to very quickly disable and disembowel opponents fits the theme perfectly.


I only speak as to what I’ve seen in play so far. Certainly no one would raise an issue with an Unconquered carrying a 2-handed sword.


I managed to join some groups and get down to more reading, which is always nice as I like information ^^

I was wondering, when it comes to armour a chainmail that Im considering would be 10kg which is fine if I dont spend the whole day in one I guess. When it comes to coverage and heavy armour, if I have a chainmail that covers the chest, amrs until elbows and legs until knees - thats me done, right? Heavy armor, +4 hitpoints, immunity to cleave and impale where my armor is, yes? I would still probably get bracers and shinguards but I dont need them to be considered heavy do I?

About weapons, how do they compare weight wise to non larp ones? How do I look for a stab safe weapons in the online shops? Should that be marked in the description or are larp weapons understood by default to be stab safe?


Stab safe weapons are usually clearly described as stab safe. They tend to have large squishy weapon heads, spears are the most common.

Most larp weapons are not stab safe, and you should assume all weapons are not for stabbing unless specifically told otherwise by the seller.


What should I be on the lookout for swords?? Theyre usually same size all the way down the blade, or maybe I simply couldnt see anything out of the ordinary.

What of their weight? How do they compare?


Chainmail should be worn with a bit of padding and belted at the waist. A wide belt cinched in tight helps by holding the chain on the hips rather than all the weight on the shoulders. Also sleeves are not tailored as a rule so tend to flap about a bit. I’m looking to remove some links to try and make them fit better on my hauberk.

Larp weapons are notably lighter than real weapons. Swords tend to get some extra weight but its dependent on the maker or requests.


Unless a larp weapon specifically says it’s stab-safe, it isn’t. I really advise waiting to buy larp weapons at Empire, that way you can pick it up, swing it, and ask questions about it.


Swords vary a lot. Not all swords marked ‘LARP’ are going to pass a weapons-check and half the swords on eBay will definitely fail weapons-check. I use a Calimacil, but that was created for a Canadian system and is made differently to most UK swords, so I know it could fail a weapons-check and I have had refs call for a second opinion before now just to be safe.

If a sword says stab-safe, I am not sure any UK LARP will let you stab with it anyway, so you end up slashing with rapiers.

As to weight, it varies. They are made of foam and not meant to hurt people, so they tend to be kept light. My rapier is heavy for a foam sword and is just under 1lb compared to maybe 4lb for a real rapier.


I have seen instances where a retailer have been asked if its stab safe to get the reply “The weapon is perfectly safe when used appropriately”

I will 2nd buying in the field as you can see and feel the weapon and get a better feel. If you do see something online most retailers will bring it along to the field when asked. Also do not forget your rights to a refund within 2 weeks if bought online.


What of the retailers that usually trade during the event itself? Are they simply more trustworthy then most or just because you get your money back if the refs state its no good?

Also, when do the actual weapon checks happen do you just bring yours to GOD or?