A couple of questions from a potential new player


@Sekinok-Jal just spotted this, I also help mod the Highguard FB group so can get you on there. Sorry you got blocked we had a bunch of spammers trying to join at the same time.

Edit If you try joining again you should get onto the group.


Thanks, tried twice one got denied second one was a block

Trying to get a bit more of a feel about the nations before the decision is made, I have to say it is not an easy choice at all


Re your chainmail:

For full coverage, the armour needs to be torso + one other location. If it’s arms to the elbows that’s 1/2 arms. If it’s legs to the knee that’s 1/2 legs. Torso + halfarms + half legs = 2 full locations, but it’s scraping in.

I’d suggest, if you can, investing in some bracers or greaves. Especially greaves, those darn orcs just love to chop your legs out… White Rose Apparel sold me a nice pair of steel shinguards for £20 some years back, and they do under-padding for those as well…

You’ll likely want, as mentioned, something chunky worn under it and a belt to take a bit of the wieght on your hips.

I would heartily reccomend buying any weapons in the field. This allows for:

  1. A greater range to choose from, in style and price.
  2. The ability to give it a swing and see how it feels in your hand before parting with cash
  3. Yes, the option to bring it back for a refund if it fails weapons check 10 minutes later… don’t do what I did and forget where you bought it…

On the IC field, there will be at least one tent with WEAPONS CHECK on a banner or board outside it. Usually, once you’re on site and have your tent up, you can grab your weaponry and pootle along there to get it sorted through and marked (with a rubber band in this seasons colour) as safe. Or not. That’s usually on the Friday afternoon. During the game, I suspect (not sure) you could get things checked at GOD. And before going onto the battlefield, everything is checked again.


Could you potentially tell me apprenticeships? For a new player I heard as youre trained IC in something you can use that skill for the event, is that right?

My wife would really try a bow, my worries are she’s tiny ( 1.5m so around 5 foot tall ), I have trouble believing shed be able to shoot anybody from the backline due to that ^^ is it possible to get trained, get a feel for the bow in IC? Im sure some kind people would let us borrow one for a skirmish theyre not attending as long as we cover lost arrows with barbarian money, but yeah back line shooting might be problematic :slight_smile:

Also, whats your feel on 2 points to spend for weaponmaster but only 1 for ambidexterity? Feels a bit unfair as a potential 2h sword user ^^


apprentice isnt really meant for use on the battle field. It’s more of an explanation for giving stuff a go around anvil so you can choose where it want to spend your exp.

As for the exp cost difference. Pole arms and big weapons are simply more effective than two short swords. Hence the fact is costs more.


Weapon check is now in wintermark and navarr, (or was last event)


Pole arms and 2-h weapons are big and clever. Ambi’ is a proper hard skill. If you can play the drums, then its worth a try.


About physick and herbs:

Are herbs consumed when healing somebody in the field/skirmish or can physick only heal in the tent?

If only in the tent, do herbs get consumed there? Seems like 5 minutes of RP, 10 minutes of rest and somebody can be full health again, is the herb that brings somebody back to full hp used in that process?

Sorry if those questions were answered a thousand times by now, wiki on this subject isnt perfectly clear to me. Mainly the wording of “may use herbs”.


If a Physick uses a dram of true vervain and spends 30 seconds roleplaying, they heal a character to full hits. The herb is expended. This can be done anywhere.

If a Physick spends 5 minutes treating someone in a suitable physick’s chamber, they heal a character to full hits. No herbs are required or expended.


For the event? No… only during the time while your character is receiving close individual instruction from an other character who has the skill and is doing nothing but instructing your character at the time. See this page:
But if you want your character to learn the skill permanently, then after getting some tuition you can go to GOD and use a computer there to spend character-points to buy the skill: the rules say

Players can spend points on their character on the run up to an event using the website. Players can also spend points by training with another character at an event. The character should find a suitable mentor and then roleplay accordingly. After completing the roleplaying the player can come down to GOD from Saturday onwards at any event and register the points spent on their character’s new skills.

Being that height won’t be a problem.

There is at least one IC archery-range at Anvil where a character can get tuition: “Stick and String” in the League.
I suggest having a go there to see if it seems appealing (or elsewhere at Anvil… or maybe even OOC on Thursday or Friday before time in).

If it does, then it’s probably best to do some practice OOC after the event at a local archery club, then do archery IC at the following event.

For doing archery in battle, a certain level of skill is needed in order to be both safe (OOC, for self and others) and effective enough for it to feel worthwhile and fun. That’s likely to take quite a time practising. Maybe someone with a remarkable natural flair for archery could get good enough during the event, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Hmm. Sounds like you’re after a stab safe safe larp sword?

I’f that is what your looking for then prepare for disappointment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stab safe sword. The amount of padding needed to make the weapon stab safe means making it safe and small enough to be a sword becomes very difficult. Given that the rules only mentioned being allowed to stab under the polearm section, I’m not even sure a stab safe sword would be legal at empire. (Usual disclaimer, not a ref)

On the cost of ambi vs weapon master, ambi is cheaper because it isn’t as good. Having 2 weapons is simple not an advantage compared to the reach of a 2 handed weapon, and you need to be using a 2 handed weapon to use the “Mortal Blow” skill to call impale. Having 2 one handed weapons doesn’t give you any extra calls, and isn’t as good on the offense as a shield. It’s main advantage is that it looks cool. :wink:


They exist (I have a Calimacil rapier designed to be stab-safe), but I have never been to a LARP in the UK which allows you to stab with a sword for one or more good reasons.

  1. A stab-safe spear is coreless at the stabby end, but a stab-safe sword uses a special core flexible in a single direction just like a fencing foil. This means that the sword is still stiff and can hurt people even though it won’t break, while the spear is just a slightly stiff sponge when it comes flying at your face.
  2. Spears and polearms are accepted stabbity weapons. If someone thrusts with one, you are expecting it and know how to react. If someone thrusts with a sword, most players will assume it was a mistake and may even call a ref. Worse, you are not expecting it and may react in a way that is not safe.
  3. If newbies see swords being used to stab, they won’t necessarily know the difference between your exceedingly-rare stab-safe sword and their typical slashing-only sword. If they stab though, the core goes through the foam and someone gets impaled in reality.
  4. No ref wants to have to memorise the two swords on the whole field which are safe to stab with; for health and safety, they would rather just ban all stabbing with swords. That way, everyone is safe from being impaled in a fibreglass rod and two people are slightly inconvenienced by having to fight the same way as everyone else.


Bit late but hopefully it helps
I’m 99% certain you were looking at joining Urizen (if not then feel free to ignore) but if you are interested in using a bow, I know of a few archers in Urizen who are very interested in getting some more archers in the field.
So much so they have a ritual which will grant you the ‘Marksmanship’ Skill for the event, they’d probably be happy to help train and cast for almost nothing. This would allow you to try archery without having to spend any skill points on it.

In terms of the 2 skill points I think its fair as longswords/spears/staffs are very strong by nature, espically with the extra reach they give, compare to ambi. Weaponmaster also lets you get further skills to get access to the better calls, (Strikedown/Impale), where as ambidexterity only gets Cleave which isn’t as strong.


Ambidexterity requires a couple of hard skills (ambidexterity and the ability to use both hands independently) and still isn’t the most effective use of an off-hand. If you know what you are doing, it’s possible to pull a Princess Bride at a bridge duel (though it requires forward planning and a willing opponent to do a full Princess Bride) or throw your opponent off-balance by using your off-hand weapon to attack. Technically, it also doubles the number of cleaves required to stop you fighting back.

I think ambi is a civilian skill; it is flashy, it can be an advantage when you use it one-on-one, but is no substitute for a polearm or a good shield.


Thanks for the replies guys!

We’re having trouble deciding between wintermark and urizen, both are very tempting ^^ its been a week now and still cant decide for the life of me hahaha

The ritual sounds awesome and it would help a lot yeah. My wife is actually signing up to archery classes as well so she will have a bit of experience before e4.

What of great swords though? It seems to be, a bardiche for example is considered a polearm ( correct me if I’m wrong ), and so can stab and slash perfectly well. Now swords end on 60 inches I think? Nothing bigger seems to be allowed sword wise. To top it off no stab allowed with them. Seems like combat wise polearms are the better choice?


I always encourage people to consider nations other than Wintermark; the nation is massive compared to all the others, so it’s nice to see new players join other nations.

Cool/ Silly builds?

Hello. Urizen archer here. We’re currently at the point that I’m often the only archer from Urizen on the battlefield. And I’ve missed the last two battles for OOC health reasons.

I have specifically set up my banner to concentrate on the archery and battlemage skills as well as the Summer realm, and we are recruiting, so if you’re looking for a group, you would be more than welcome :wink:

I am the the one that has in my possession a ritual that can help with archery for a season, if you are able to spare 12-13 mana crystals. Prosperity (and being unable to actually afford it) means I can’t cast a magnitude 22 ritual for nothing. But the option is always there :slightly_smiling_face:


Wintermark and Urizen both have there pros and cons
And a lot depends what you want to do wintermark is huge and being part of a giant nation may mean more people to interact with and more things may get thrown there way but then there’s more competition for those things.
For instance if you wanted to go politics then wintermark would be a lot running around and take you a while.
Where as Urizen is much smaller, more like a family, easier to know everyone in it. And I know 2 events ago a new player got voted into senator at their first event. Urizen is a smaller close knit family of sorts fewer groups but easier to meet people and build connections, and a few different spires to hang out at and never too busy.
Wintermark is a much larger where people are all trying to make a heros name and less connections and more people bumping into each and hanging out at other, sometimes super busy, halls.



I think since it would be our first event we would be able to take marksman, and if we don’t like it swap it out for something else like more healing magic. Archery definitely sounds cool in this setting and had I had better eyes I might try it myself :wink:

Would you think there will be some people willing to lend a bow for a skirmish providing obviously compensation in barbarian money for any damages/ lost arrows? I heard many people offering to lend weapons/shield but bow is a bit tricky with the arrows being so expensive so I don’t think it’s very common to borrow those, would like to know anyhow.

@thresher @IbisCappelli @AnthonyHJ @MrK @Canshir @Mr_Haystacks @Emmanovi

Do you guys potentially know why there is an upper limit on sword length when it comes to great weapons?

Also, seems bardiche is the best of both worlds as I read you can stab and swing with it, is that true?

Thank you all for the time spent in replying to my silly questions btw, much appreciated!:sunglasses:


I can lend a bow myself; I have a couple of spares. I’m struggling for usable arrows though, mostly through wear and tear. But you’d be welcome to it if it helps.

Come visit Oblivion’s Edge in Urizen, and we can discuss it further if you like? :slight_smile: