A couple of questions from a potential new player


Not my most (cash) expensive mistake, but quite annoying.

What’s your most cash expensive mistake?


Well, there’s the purchase without checking to see if it was known to have any major flaws, which resulted in me having to replace the steering column at a cost of about £1k…

But I think that’s pipped by, having finished my last exam at uni, heading home early. I had not run into the concept of Vivas (interviews to guide the marking of borderline cases). So I went home early and missed celebrating my birthday with my friends, got called back to Uni in a hurry and had to buy a train ticket at zero notice, was completely out of university headspace, fluffed the interview, and dropped into a lower mark. Overall price: Given possible reduction in earnings and confidence, unknown.


I’ve never heard of Vivas! That’s hardly a good situation to judge someone in…


As a lecturer, it’s perhaps better to say that an optional viva voce is a second chance. Not sure about other places, but we tend to use them for edge cases who almost passed and people who completely fluffed a report despite the fact that we know they understand the subject. They are not meant to be handled so chaotically, but it’s kind of hard at the end of a year when everyone just wants to go home and you suddenly realise that you want to give them another shot at the grade they might deserve.

I have administered one to a student who sucked at writing essays, which was basically me asking some of the most delicately-phrased questions I have ever had to come up with on the fly so that I could get a student to demonstrate his knowledge without anyone being able to argue that I had prompted or otherwise influenced him. He passed, but then dropped out before external verification and that might have let me dodge a bullet.

We do sometimes use them if someone would have passed, but we think they didn’t write their paper. I’ve never had to do it, but a video of someone unable to discuss their own work even when holding a copy is usually enough to prove plagiarism.


Brigandine with 1mm+ steel plates would be fine. There are people wearing authentic reenactment-style brigandine as heavy armour.

Note that historical brigandine generally has the plates overlapping slightly, rather than having gaps between them. There are photographs on the web…


Looking at the patterns I did not notice any overlap, you sure you dont mean lamellar plate?

I’m not sure how you would move about if they overlapped, but maybe its just my lack of imagination at 5:40 am ^^

Thanks for the info about its categorization on site, appreciated!


I’m sure.
Those patterns you pointed out don’t show overlap, but there is overlap on the real brigandines that I’ve seen (both in person and in photos). The plates slide over each other. Here’s a photo of an Italian one from 1470:

The photograph above is from the Wikipedia page on brigandine, which also has this picture:


You Are right! I didnt suspect that at all, seems like the side plates are bent to go around the body? I can only see two places where they overlap, the sides and the upper parts which I think would come together to form the back of it?

The middle parts look like they were carefully manufactured to fill the space between the plates rather then overlap.

Curious! Thank you for this ^^


Every plate is curved, at least a bit.




Hiya, the bombardment continues:

  • Can a character be considered for the military council / military positions in or out of skirmishes/battles if they do not have a military unit as a resource?
  • There doesnt seem to be any admirality positions, is military council in charge of that?
  • Wintermark and armour - noticed some though not many incorporating metal/plate armour in pictures into their characters. I am struggling with chainmail as it seems outside of wintermark only Urizen possibly or Navarr use them ( imperial orcs? ) are plates being used for wintermark if you add up some leather bits and fur to make them look more wintermarky?

Loaded questions if anyone could enlighten me would be great. Thanks!


1: Unequivocally yes. Having an MU is not at all pertinent to leading an army.
2: There is the Imperial Fleet Master who tries to direct independent fleets, and the former Admiral of the Freeborn Storm, the only navy in recent memory which was burned to the waterline. The Title was removed when the navy was destroyed.
3: I’m not sure what the question here is. However, I will talk about Wintermark armour for a bit.

Of the three tribes, the Steinr are the only ones particularly interested in plate armour, and would prefer engraved or painted armour with runes and embellishments. Otherwise, chain with hard leather over the top, likewise with runes and embellishments.
The Suaq mostly wear lightweight but sturdy coats with fur on the inside, hide out, with animals painted on. If necessary, they will wear chain with (presumably pale) hard leather accessories, likewise painted with animals.
The Kallavesi likewise don’t use heavy armour as standard, preferring leathers and furs decorated with fetishes, talismans, and feathers. A particularly hardcore Kallavesi might wear a full chain hauberk with furs worn over the top, and an animal headdress over a coif.


You don’t have to have a MU to be involved in the military game, anyone can fight on a skirmish, if you’re looking to get involved in battlefield command I can point you at some people but it’s a long road in WM (it’s taken me a year to make major headway, and the majority of people don’t know who I am still)

There are currently no Navies as already said, when there are navies they function in the same way as an army does with an elected leader (Admiral instead of General) may be quite a while before we see another Admiral though and most probably only for the Brass Coast.

Chain will sort you for most nations, plate armour is only really Steinr and only if it’s in specific style and over leathers.


Thanks for the answers about the military units!

I am trying to get a kit for a steinr, my dream armour will never get realized as there’s simply no one making such things but something like this I think would fit well for a steinr, maybe I’m wrong.


I feel like I need first of all be more realistic, it’s our first event and at this point we’re already dipping into 500 pound line ( mainly due to interest in IC tent to be honest ), should set a limiter of some sort.

When it comes to the traders on site for kit, gear, weapons and armour - are they usually well stocked when it comes to armour pieces? I don’t want to scramble for usable gear at last moment, but maybe checking on-site and browsing through, putting things on is the best option here.

Any opinions much appreciated.


Short answer: Yes, you can buy all you want on site.

Long answer: Hmm, nice look. Although I’m not sure what that armour would class as? Is it chain under plate with leather and fur trim (heavy) or leather and fur with plate sections (medium)…

£500 for first event? Well, yeah, but I hope that tent is an Investment, to be used for many years to come. If not, they have reasonable resale value. But yes, set a limit.

The traders are VERY well stocked. You could take a group of 100 LARPers round and I suspect you could buy full outfits and combat gear from the skin out, for each of them. Trousers, shirts, armour, belts, weapons, tankards, helmets, accessories and more and more and more…

I suspect you could find a huge range of armour pieces, and the Skyrim style stuff will likely be there. I have seen embossed leathers, fur jerkins, chain vests, and full suits available. Pauldrons, hero belts, hip-plates… yup, plenty.

If you have the budget to do so, checking through things and buying on site is reccomended. There are a few cheaper places, a range of styles, you can check the fit, you may even find something that you hadn’t thought of but which is just perfect.

If you can get to the site early (Friday morning or even Thursday night), you should have plenty of time to go shopping. Heck, arrive early, help some neighbours put up tents, and then ask your new friends to take you kit shopping :slight_smile: The traders will usually have card machines operating, but I’d advise taking some cash anyway, and possibly a chequebook.


For custom plate armour, check out White Rose Apparel. They’re lovely people, work to commission and produce amazing gear. However, do not expect it to be cheap.


In my experience White Rose are actually very good value for what you get, just that even that is going to cost you :slight_smile:. The plate I got from him served me very well for several years and was a very cool bit of kit.


Yes, I didn’t mean to imply White Rose are overpriced, just that custom plate is not a cheap product!


I sent a message for white rose and see where that gets me, thanks guys ^^


Weapon collisions.

Now I know that we all treasure our money which arguably might or might not be well spent on our weapons of choice. When it comes to the fighting itself - do weapons often clash or are people trying to actively avoid that?