A couple of questions from a potential new player


I’m not quite sure what you mean? Do you mean ‘weapons clash’ as in parry? Yes you can parry when someone’s trying to hit you, it’s quite a good idea!


The rule is always pull your blows and count your hits. Yes your weapons are going to connect with the weapons, armour and hopefully the person you’re battling, but you should only be swinging hard enough for them to feel it, not hard enough to do damage to them or your weapon.

if you’re not sure how hard that is, or you need more practice making epic swings and slowing the weapon before it hits then please do ask someone for some sparring lessons, there’s plenty of people who will be happy to give you some pointers.

Be aware that martial arts practice, HEMA or re-enactment skills may not transfer as larp fighting uses different methods, and can occasionally be a disadvantage as you have will have trained body memory that doesn’t work for LARP.


Also, there is a big new player skirmish on friday of every event before time in, where you can learn how to fight safely.


Will do all three of those! ^^

I didn’t mean as much as pulling blows, more parrying, angling my blade to stick it in the opponents innards. Bradstyley already answered that one, thank you!

I would definitely like to attend a new player skirmish, learning how to fight safely is one of my priorities :wink:


Please do not thrust with any weapon that isn’t explicitly passed through weapons check as stab-safe!


Are there weapons that go through weapons check that aren’t stab safe?

Like, two handed swords shouldn’t they be explicitly checked for that? Their use is the same / very similar to a polearm after all


There are almost no stab-safe two-handed swords. Stab-safe is the exception, not the rule. Never assume any weapon is stab-safe.


That’s peculiar, yet polearms can both stab and swing like there’s no tomorrow as far as I understand?


Polearms that have been constructed to be stab-safe. That is by no means all of them.


I’ll look into it, what would make two handed swords stab safe? Kevlar on the tip?


It’s nowhere near that simple. Stab-safe weapons have a substantial section beyond the core, made of a softer foam, that collapses on impact. It only really lends itself to polearms, and is not something to go trying to make yourself. You’ll waste time and money and end up with an unusable weapon.

I’m not sure of the specifics of the weapon-category rules, but I also suspect that weapons need to be classed as polearms or 1h spear to be used to thrust - ie your sword would need to be long enough and with a long enough grip to fit the game definitions of a polearm.


Wiki links: here and here.


I’m not going to make it myself, I’m trying to explain to the potential seller of my designed idea of a weapon to make it stab safe. I wouldn’t know where to begin to make my own weapon ^^

Thanks Emmanovi, I’ll give it a proper read.


The weapon category definitions are here, and as I suspected, only polearms can be both swing and thrust.

This hypothetical sword must thus be between 60" and 84" total length, and have the ability to grip at least 18" apart.

Anyone you are attempting to commission this from who doesn’t immediately understand “stab-safe for Empire/PD” is not someone you should trust to make it.


That would be a gigantic sword indeed.

Alright, no stabbing then. I’ll work around it, though a lot of the sword techniques Are about just that ^^

Thanks guys!


Larp fighting is not like fighting with real steel weapons, it’s a different technique, specific to foam weapons and the limitations of not actually doing damage to your opponent.


Yeah no I do imagine that much, first of all they bang off of one another and go all over the place don’t they. Metal on metal sticks, foam on foam? I can’t imagine it does. Hence most of the parry techniques that put you in a position to stab are straight off the table as they make little sense.

I feel some of it can still be adapted and I will be looking forward to it all even if my vision of combat gets trampled into the ground in the field :wink:


Where in the country (heck, which country), are you? Because you might benefit from a little combat practise with LARP weaponry, and if you’re in the UK, we can probably find a local LARP group for you to have a knock-about with…?


Glasgow, would be nice if that was a possibility.

If not well me and the wife will be on site on thursday later in the afternoon most likely so thats going to give me some time to get a feel of it. Dont worry I wont injure people ^^


I 100% recommend going to the new player weapon training and the new player skirmish on the Friday afternoon, the people who run it are really good and will get you fighting in a safe and cinematic fashion :grinning: