A few words from the Player Support Team

This is a long one and is being emailed out later too. I just want to give you a couple of pointers for your first event.

Empire have a Player Support Team who are there to offer you support and any advice or guidance you might want from us.

We’re running three new player sessions in the Hub – this is a big White tent towards the bottom of the field of the field , down the main drag from the God tent and on the left. Anyone with a radio will give you directions if you can’t find us. This will be Out of Character. Please come and see us. We’re there to give a brief overview of things, answer any questions and give you any advice or help you might want. Nick Turner will be running Fight Club, an introduction to combat skirmishes at 1pm and 3pm. This is meeting just outside the Sentinal Gate. Feel free to visit both, either or none of us during that time as you want.

We’ve also added a couple of extra things this event. At 4pm we will be running a skirmish for new players meeting at the Sentinal gate. This is a chance to have a big fight as your characters without the risk of loosing them! Come in costume and bring your weapons! At 5pm in The Hall of Worlds is a brief introduction to magic and at 5pm in the Military Council Tent Graeme will be doing a talk on downtime battles and how the relate to the game. This will start simple and descend into maths. This is open to all interested players.

We’ve had to cram all this into quite a short time period but are planning on running these at the next event too so if you miss something you’re welcome to attend then!

On Thursday night if you’re around the Player Support team are going to be hanging out in the Senate building from about 8. Please drop in if you want to meet us, we’re just having informal chats. If you’re at a loose end come see us.

Over the weekend we’re also available, your egregore can contact us for you or please ask in GOD (the white tent near the main gate into the field where games operations run from) and they can contact us for you. It’s what we’re here for; if you want any help or are just a bit lost please come and find us!

There are plenty of places to start with Empire and you can have a great weekend, doing almost anything you want.

In camp somewhere will be your national egregore, most of the nations have more than one, these are characters placed by us in each nation whose purpose is to uphold the national identity and offer support to all in a nation. They aren’t your ruler or leader, you don’t have to interact with them if you don’t want to but they can point you to other players with similar interests, advise on matters of national interest and probably have ideas about plots and missions going on. Try and find them, they are very useful!

The Civil Service aren’t player characters, they exist to carry out the functionary work for the nation so the important people – you! - can get on with being heroes! They are mainly based in The Hub; this is a big tent full of people near the Forge and the Senate. This has plenty of notice boards in it which are full of information about different things going on, senate motions, the Conclave meetings, Synod and Bourse details. Go peruse, chat!

The Senate is another solid structure near the centre of the fields, here the Senators meet to discuss and pass motions. There’s a public gallery at the side, go watch a Senate meeting, find your Senators and see if they’re doing a good job for your nation! The times will be up in The Hub, get there early to get a good view!

Magicians can get to the Hall of Worlds and mix with other mages, join orders, vote in the Conclave and bump into Heralds of Eternals who use it as a gateway to get to our world.

I also recommend people interested in healing drop into the Anvil Field Hospital. It’s player run and located by the Sentinel Gate, I suspect almost anyone on the field will be able to give you directions there!

The Anvil Library is a good place to drop in a have a read and find things out. They’re all always ready to chat and discuss anything to do with the world

There’s a vibrant social scene too, check out the various taverns in the nations. My favourite is the The Orphan’s Arms in The League but I’m interested in reviews of the others! There are a lot of tea shops – try Sentinels Repose in Urizen – eateries, sweet shops, theatres and traders, all offering you myriad ways to spend your hard earned rings. Take a stroll down the League high street and see who tries to hawk you what.

Check out the player run newspapers for IC gossip, The Oathwright running out of Wintermark and the Imperial Orcs and The Pledge and Looking Glass running out of The League. Though remember players run them, with all and any associated agendas they may be pushing!

For the latest IC information from the past season from PD check here

Winds of Fortune
Winds of War
OOC information about this event is here: Winter Solstice 2018

If you want to ask any questions feel free to contact us on new.player@profounddecisions.co.uk

You can also check out the wiki. The wiki can be intimidating large, but don’t be put off - it’s full of information you will find useful. Here are a few links that may help to get you started:

Introduction to LRP
Frequently asked questions by new players
Empire Overview
Work out from there, read as much or as little as you like. We really hope you enjoy the event and look forward to seeing you there and hearing about your exploits!

Clare Evans
Profound Decisions Player Support Team