A Fistful of Bourse notes



This year, we’re finally retiring the old Bourse notes and replacing them with entirely new Bourse notes.

As you know, each Bourse note represents a wain of one of the three valuable materials - weirwood, mithril, or white granite. Until now we’ve been using some notes that we “designed” in about twenty minutes using MS PAINT on the Thusday before event one when we realised we had no Bourse notes. I’m only exaggerating slightly. Replacing them was a job we never quite managed to get round to. We’ve finally gotten round to replacing them.

Out-of-character our new notes have been designed by the awesomely talented artist Irina Goodwin. In-character, the Civil Service commissioned the awesomely talented Freeborn artist Constanza i Kalamar i Guerra to create the new designs then took them off to the Imperial Mint to put them into production.

The new designs significantly more attractive than they were, being in full colour and printed on paper significantly nicer than Standard IC Vellum. They also have some significant advantages over the old ones . Being full colour, and with different images for each of the three materials, they can be told apart at a glance. This also offers real benefits to our GOD staff at the end of an event when they need to process people’s packs. More importantly (from my PoV at least) they look like something valuable, something important in the game.

Each one bears the image of a former Throne, a quote, and an image of one of the Empire’s Bourse Resources – bonus points to anyone who can work out which image is which and which Throne/Bourse Seat has been used for each!

Going Forward

You’ll be able to hand the old Bourse notes in at the end of event one, and again at the end of event two, but after that we’ll no longer be accepting the old notes. If you’re not at either of these events, you can also post your old Bourse notes to the usual address (Profound Decisions, PO Box 666, PR2 1ZW) and we’ll put them into your inventory ready to be handed out at the next event.

If you’ve got any problems at all, e-mail matt@profounddecisions.co.uk.