A New Wintermark Group

I’m a new player who is thinking of attending Empire at E3 this summer or next year. I’m playing as a Wintermark priest of wisdom. I’ve noticed that a lot of new player, myself included, have been looking for a group to join but I know that a lot of the groups in Wintermark aren’t accepting new people, for one reason or the other.

So I was wondering if any other new Wintermark players want to get together and create an IC group? Most likely a banner.

People can post here if they want to be part of a group or PM me. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t attending this year you can still join. Older/experienced players are also welcome to join if they want.

We’ll also be looking for someone to be an IC leader (Thane) and someone to be an OOC leader (admin work and co-ordinator). It’s also unlikely that we’ll be doing IC camping at the first.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Hi Chazzabroo, myself and a friend are hoping to attend E3 (but we are still in the very early stages of planning). We are going as a group of two so far, so could be interested in making that a larger group! Keep my username handy and if you develop any more group plans give me a shout. As I say we’re still developing the basics of our characters/costumes etc so can’t 100% commit to group planning just yet.

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Nice one. Once I get a reasonable amount of people in I’ll make some kind of group chat on FB maybe, which I’ll add you and your friend too. As for your characters if you haven’t come up with your full character then would you be interested in maybe linking the backstories of our characters for roleplay effect. Also, their is a general new player chat if you’re at all interested in being added to?

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Hi! So I’ve made a character, but unfortunately because I currently live in Australia, which i a bit far from everything, I can’t make it to an event before about June next year. That said, after then I’ll be trying to make it to every event. My character is called Vax, he’s a warrior with no second name as of yet, his main ambitions are to earn a name and become a leader of men. If you get this group going, drop me a line, I might be coming with a mate if I can convince him to try LARP.


Definitely something I’m interested in! I’ll speak to my friend and get back to you at to what out specific IC plans are going to be.

sent you a PM

Okay, I’ll send you a PM with my character backstory.

Hi Chazzabroo.
I am completely new to the hobby. I’m hoping to start attending events next year but am still interested in joining a group now as i was hoping to know some friendly faces before I got there. I’m still in the process of creating a character and background, i was thinking something simple so i can get used to how everything works before making any big class commitments.
If the offer still stands please let me know.

Hi Chazzabroo

Im very new too and was planning to try and attend next year would think it would be great to try and know a few people in advance and try and join a group

I too am new to Empire an may be interested in joining a Wintermark group. But like others I am quite early in the character creating stage and am not even 100% sure I want to go with Wintermark. Please do keep us updated though as this sounds like a great way to get into the hobby with others in a similar position.