++A note about our photographers++

From the state of my Facebook feed this morning it’s clear one of our photographers has just published their pictures from the last event. One of the best things about days like this is settling down with a coffee and getting to see how goddam cool the game looks through the lens of Oliver Facey, Beth Dooner, or Tom Garnett. There are images of Empire that look a lot more like stills from a motion picture than any live-roleplaying game I’ve ever seen.

They aren’t the only people who take photos at our events of course – but its no coincidence that their work is found all over our wiki and promotional materials. I regularly browse through their albums looking for inspiration, and for pictures I can harvest for the main wiki.

You can find links to those albums (which contain an absolute shedload of Empire photos as well as shots from all sorts of other live roleplaying games) here:

All three are volunteers, and you can help support their work via donations to:

Next time someone asks you what this LARP thing is all about, you can use some of these pictures to show them what you get up to at weekends.

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