A plea from the Orphans

Hi all,

As most of you may or may not know, I run a LARP club at the school where I work. I take the kids to Empire twice per year, and they all love it.

During the last event, we were lucky enough to be loaned some armour for the kids to wear in battle, and we even had some kit donated to us.
Previously, we’ve also had scraps of material and such things (like tent poles to use as weapon cores).

I was just wanting to post up here to say that if anyone was looking to get rid of any kit, weapons, materials or such, would you be willing to donate it to our club? I know that it might be asking a bit from you (the player base), but anything would be welcome, even just craps of materials, bags, even wood (to make boxes).

If you are interested, or want to know more, feel free to contact me.

many thanks
Chris Smith
Nailsea School LARP Club Organiser

Do you have access to your schools equipment? By this I mean metalwork, woodwork rooms sewing machines etc. It would be relatively inexpensive for the children to say purchase some fabric, sheet steel and copper rod and then make a project of constructing some armour. I’m thinking very basic metalwork skills of cutting strips of metal using a band saw using a grinder to round the corners using a drill to drill holes then hammering sections of copper rod to rivet the scales to a padded cloth tunic that could be knocked up in the sewing room.
It also gives the children more incentive to do well in their class because they’re making something they want instead of the normal bird boxes, tea cosies and coat hooks I ended up making in school so many years back.
Leather is something that getting everyone to chip in can work wonders. You can buy a whole hide and a whole spool of thong and everyone can get a set of bracers out of it with nothing more than a craft knife and a hole punch as tools (PM me if you want as I have a discount card at tandy leather) For a little more investment you can rivet on strips of metal to get more armour value with just those ideas you have the potential to make full heavy for your students just by taking advantage of the schools equipment that is beyond the reach of most LARPers

We already do kit making ourselves, but we don’t have a budget from the school, so we’re having to make everything ourselves anyway. And due to the limited budgets of the kids, they can’t afford much. We’re having problems raising money atm to be able to afford to attend the events next year, let alone get in leather and steel to make armour.

This was just more of a general post in case of people looking to get rid of any stuff.

Do you have some sort of money-raising activity that you use to fund events and/or kit? I for one think what you’re doing is very cool, so if there’s a Just Giving (or similar) page for your fundraising activities then it would be good to hear about that.

I might be able to help with something. I’ve certainly got scraps.

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you just have to let me know where to find you… :slight_smile:


I just started, coming to E1 first time lrp-er. looking forward to it.

I cannot make any promises, but I am Social Secretary for RHUL Humans vs Zombies.

If funding continues to be an issue, next academic year I can talk to the committee and see if we could run a fund raising event.

I am on facebook, I have posted on the Dawn page recently. so contact me on there if you wanna chat/find me at E1.

I should be wearing pink.


Tom Vero

I will see what spare stuff i can fit in the bag… Size wise for spare kit, hats the age range?

Hi guys, thanks for the responses. Sorry I haven’t been on sooner to reply.

We’ll be looking to possibly do some fundraising stuff later in the year.

As for sizes/age ranges. The kids are beterrn 13 and 16, ranging from small to large, mostly medium. Anything that you might have, old weapons, kit, materials, anything, would be most welcome and put to good use.

We will be in Dawn, (hopefully) next to the Emerald Order and the Battle Muster area. Just look for our banner, or talk to one of the kids wearing our badge (see my avatar).

I’d like to thank everyone who interacted with the orphans and for those people who gave us old kit.

I’ve explained some of our longer-term plans in the Off-Topic section of the boards for your consideration.