A question about weapons

I’m going to be playing a bravo, cloth and maybe a leather shoulder piece. I’ll have a sword but would a dagger or throwing knives be more useful? For the record I don’t posses dual wielding capabilities because of an issue with my off hand.

Not a Leaguer myself (I play Wintermark) and habitually carry a seax on my belt. The sword only comes along to the battlefield or more serious occasions where my character feels the need to be armed for just in case.

Throwing knives take an extra skill point to use, whereas anyone can use a single dagger…

I’ve already purchased the skill so its just a matter of choosing which weapon first as I can’t afford both.

I tend to run on the assumption that daggers are always useful; I always want to have a spare “surprise, asshole” blade I can pull out so I’m not undefended if my main weapon is broken / dropped / impractically long at that moment / whatever. But your mileage may vary on how insecure your character feels at the thought of being caught unarmed (dependent on how much time they spend ‘on the field’ etc) :wink:

Throwing knives are a bit of a pain; there’s a definite knack to them (and individual weapons tend to have an individual ‘feel’ which further complicates getting the hang of them - or so I’ve found, at least. Being dyspraxic, I’m not sure whether someone with less coordination issues would have the same problem) and you need to be prepared to lose them because combat is Mental and you won’t always have time and space to find them once they’re thrown, and with the best will in the world sod’s law says one will get missed or not returned to God or w/e. So if budget is a concern they may not be ideal.

Just my opinion though :slight_smile:

I’ve considered that and I’m going for a dagger, I’m definitely the type of person who doesn’t want to be caught unarmed. I’m hoping to get a dagger that is somewhat similar to my rapier. From the same company so as to have a matching set or close enough.

personally i cannot see the point of thrown weapons in any LARP system that requires you to spend IC points.

at the end of the day, you still have to throw a rubber knife / stick / bagel and actually hit the person you have an issue with - so how is that relevant to skill point cost.

I can just about accept the rationale in relation to box and cross bows, but frankly I think most weapon skills belong in the “if the player can, so can the character” bracket.

take a moment to consider where would you use the skill - in Anvil? if bystanders don’t kill you, the militia will arrest you - on the battlefield? its so chaotic most monsters (in orc masks) will not feel the impact of a cordless knife, and doing only a single point of damage anyway, its unlikely to make the defining difference .

the biggest issue, often overlooked, is that most thrown weapons combat takes place within 3m, so by the time you have flung your latex fork, the bugger is on top of you, smiting furiously with a single handed weapon, meanwhile you are unarmed, having thrown away your weapon !


Thrown weapons can be hilarious in duels (which are fine on Anvil if you have consent from the other party) - especially if you get your main weapon shattered, you can more easily draw and do some surprise damage with throwing weapons than get your backup weapon out.

That had been part of the appeal but I don’t want to risk losing them so for now when I don’t have loads of cash for extra knives I’ll stick with a dagger.