A question for anyone playing a duellist/ bravo

I was wondering if you had an opinion as to whether a main gauche or buckler is best. And whether or not they make a significant positive difference. I ask because I have a disabled left arm making it an easy target and I was wondering if trying to use it in it’s limited capacity with a dagger or Buckler was likely to be a good idea. Apologies for the bad wording. Any opinions or advice appreciated.

A buckler has the advantage of not costing any character points, and is probably easier to get some benefit from with a limited range of motion; an offhand weapon needs you to buy Ambidex for your character and is only really useful if you can credibly threaten with it.

If I was in your shoes I’d try to borrow a buckler from someone and have a go with it, and see what you thought.

Thanks. I may have to do that I hadn’t considered borrowing. Out of curiosity do you know if any sellers might be able to add a strap to a buckler in the field, because I fear with my arm I’d need the support of a strap but don’t want to order something custom if I didn’t get along with a buckler.

Id pop along to the Eldritch stall and speak to Simon Morgan, owner and creator of all the weapons, shields and custom work.

if you explain your needs I am confident he can work with you to get to where you want to be.

echo the earlier post about bucklers - much more versatile and useful than a main-gauche or sword-breaker… bucklers were carried on the belt “just in case” in much the same way as a pistol was many years later.

without wishing to pry into your condition, are you able to hold out your arm in front of you?

the reason i ask is that a buckler works as an Active defence ( you basically aim to punch away attacks with it) rather than the passive defence of much larger types of shield; which end up being a large door you carry around with you in order to hide behind in times of sudden violence!

I can hold my arm in front of me. My issue with my arm is weak grip and the fact my wrist doesn’t stay straight it droops. I will do that, eldritch were great before when I needed a shield modifying.