A question for you

Hi people,

I’m going to be coming to my first empire game in September and I have a couple of ideas for a charcter. I’m going to be for Wintermark as my nation and am undecided whether I want to got for a priest or a crafter.

I’m thinking of a battle priest. Shield, hero point and second wind with dedication, exorcision and anointing.

Or crafter, shield, hero point. Not sure on hero skill or items.

Andy White

Well either of those will get you game, but it depends on what kind of thing you like doing?

One thing that will influence what kind of game you have is what resource you pick. You could go either with a Congregation to get yourself Liao to fuel your exorcism and that’ll will also open up the political game in the Synod to you.

If you go for a mine or forest to fuel your crafting you’ll be doing trading to get what you need to craft and might want to investigate how the Bourse works.

There are a bunch of other options as well like Fleets or Military Units which will also give you a more random selection of resources which will give you more options but you’ll need to do more legwork to get exactly the things you need.

Both of them are perfectly good ‘builds’ that’ll get you game though. Oh also the crafter/warrior one will actually make you a bit more tasty on the field as you’ll be able to equip yourself with crafted items straight out of the gate.

Based on feedback from people on the field I’d consider Unstoppable and Stay With Me as the hero point skills to have there. (Your 2-month craft item should then be something that lets you use a hero skill as if you had that skill, like an Apprentice Blade).

Firstly, you have 8 points to spend on a new character and have spent 9 in that example.

I started my first Empire game/first LARP as a new player with Shield, Hero Points, Second Wind, Dedication and Exorcism. this is the only reason I noticed your points were off :smiley:

Shield and Second Wind helped me feel not-squishy on the battlefield. As above, many people will point to Unstoppable as the better of the two skills, but I like being able to get the hit points back and hope someone else can get me on my feet if dropped.

I love being a priest, so Dedicate is a given for that, and Exorcism is indeed the most-useful Battlefield skill, but you’re unlikely to use it outside of a larger group. Stay With Me is probably the better option on the field as a Warrior Priest over that.

Crafting I can’t speak for, other than to say you can start with some cool items equipped.

If you’re in it for the long haul, crafting rewards your 4 skill point investment with more than 4 skill points worth of stuff. If you were going to take a few points worth of skills that items can grant, then strongly consider taking crafting and the ability to build those items instead - you’ve then basically got those skills permanently as well as a small surplus of transferable power. A mine or forest will let you churn out a 7-cost item and a free item every season and slowly accumulate a surplus for trading to make one of your bigger items, and that’s just on your own.

For example, the following build is quite badass:
2 Hero Points
Shield Use
[one free point, which you are saving up]
Apprentice Blade (grants 1 xp worth of skill)
Warrior’s Plate (grants 2 xp worth of skill)
Pilgrim’s Shield (grants 2 xp worth of skill)
Sundering Axe (grants you an ability that you can’t get elsewhere)
Resource: Mine (probably best to grab an orichalcum mine)

Gives you 8 hits, two uses of CLEAVE, shield and one-handed weapon as standard. Your first event you go and get devoted, this lets your magic shield grant you an extra hit point. You start owning a Sundering Axe with one season left on it, so your first event you have your choice of SHATTER or CLEAVE depending on the weapon you use. You then gain 10 orichalcum a season, which you’re trading away to get the resources to make a Sundering Axe; assuming you can get 1-for-1 trades, then your third downtime you’ll be making a Sundering Axe; from then on, provided you keep trading, you’ll be calling SHATTER. You also have a small surplus of items to sell or hand to group members.

You could take a Shieldbreaker (hero point shatter against shields only) rather than a Sundering Axe if you wanted to make two of them a year, or if you wanted to sell some of your orichalcum for mana and get yourself enchanted (a decent enchantment would be Sound of Drums, which gives you one free use of Unstoppable per day for a season, or Swan’s Cruel Wing, which gives you one free use of Cleave per day for a season) - these enchantments probably cost somewhere between half and three quarters of your mine’s output and only last for one season, but you can probably afford that if you’re using a Shieldbreaker.

Your XP can then go on more items if you manage to get wealthy customers who want specific items crafted, or you can spend it on an extra hero point or an extra hit (both of which are 2 points). You might be a blacksmith, but you’re a blacksmith who can hold the line with the best of them. OR, of course, you could decide that the next step on your pilgrimage was to become a priest: your first XP goes with your saved one to buy Dedication, and then the next XP you get goes on your favourite priest skill (likely Exorcism).

Tl:dr? Crafting is really quite excellent: don’t get distracted by the shiny shiny items, focus on things you know you’ll be able to make.