A Statement on Transgender Rights

Following recent events in the news, a few weeks ago, members of the Empire LGBTQ+ group asked us to put up a statement about our stance on transgender rights. We readily agreed - we want to stand full-square behind our trans players and crew. We asked them to create something that we could put up at the end of Pride month. We’re grateful to Erin Donovan and the group members who worked with them and us to create the statement below.

With the recent news that the Government intends to scrap plans to improve gender recognition laws, rolling back the rights of trans people, and with transphobic views being given such regular attention across social and print media, we feel it is the right time to reiterate our rules.

It is not acceptable to insult another PD game participant on the basis of an out-of-character attribute. This includes transgender status.

It is part of our rules that you must respect other participants and use the pronouns they ask you to use when referring to them. Refusing to acknowledge a correction or deliberately misgendering another player is not acceptable at our events.

We support our participants being able to self-identify their gender, and will continue to do so regardless of Government legislation. We provide male, female and gender neutral toilets at our events and are committed to continuing to provide them. We absolutely support the right of all participants to use the facilities they feel most comfortable using.

This has always been our policy, but we have now updated the wiki to add a section to our conduct rules to ensure it is better publicised. In addition we’re looking into the potential for providing training for inclusive and trans-positive interactions for members of our security and participant welfare teams.

This post is intentionally focussed on issues of concern to our transgender community because of particular, current events in the news and social media at present. We know that there are many issues of concern for members of the wider LGBTQ+ community as well as other groups that we haven’t addressed here, and we continue to welcome and encourage all input and feedback on what we can do to improve our events for all marginalised groups.

Thanks again to Erin and the members of Empire LGBTQ+ for working with us on this.