A wild [New Player] appears

Hello fabulous people of Wintermark! I’ve chatted with a few of you on F’book already, but figured it was about time I made a formal post…

I’m Emma - long-time LARPer (one half of the terrifying Two-Headed Refbeast conglomerate currently running Cardiff Below) and first time Fest system player - and at the next event I’ll be nice and easy to spot as the harassed-looking Kallavesi Naga Stormcrow trying to herd a bunch of cats wearing fox insignias around the field. Said cats are the members of Kyrop’s Leash, a band of Frayed originating from in or near the port of Fisk who’ve banded together to try and mend their skeins and all that good stuff. I’ll avoid saying too much about the terrible people I’ve ended up shepherding, as I’m sure they’ll want to ballgown at y’all themselves :wink:

We’ve a variety of players in our merry band - some are like me, some are new to LARP (or to anything other than parlour LARP) - and are really looking forward to bringing our shenanigans to Anvil for the Summer.

Welcome welcome welcome :slight_smile: I’m reasonably sure you will find your match in terrible people on the field to keep yours busy :slight_smile:.

Please use the new players forum and point your lot at it as well if you’ve got any questions as we’re happy to help and there’s lots of good info there if you dig.

Also I recommend getting people to point you towards the three Wintermark Egregores (scroll down for their pictures) as it’s part of their job to get new players involved in the game.

Likewise the new player team usually runs a session in the Hub between 4 and 6 on the Friday for any help, advice and support they can give. Your Egregores and GOD can also put you in touch with them all weekend too if you need to talk to someone.

See you at the event :slight_smile:.

Thanks Mark! :smiley: I’ve been trawling the forums for a few months now while assembling the Cat Herd; they’re a great resource.

Can it be July already? :laughing:


Wintermark is cool, and a really friendly bunch. I turned up at my first event entirely alone, knowing no one and found an awesome group who looked after me :slight_smile:

Dunno if you’re on the Facebook group or not? But I advise joining if you ain’t already a member :slight_smile:

Thanks Kargur! I’ve been in the Facebook group since sometime last year, living vicariously through all the rest of you :wink: