Absolute Newbie looking for feedback on an idea

Hello all,

Myself and some friends are looking to start Empire. We want to (at least initially) hail from the same region and the Brass Coast seems to be the route. We are working our way through forums and the Wiki (which, as I feel you all know, is a lot to digest). We have a bit of a concept forming and I was hoping we could get some feedback.

After leaving our native lands to seek prosperity and freedom over the years we have found one another and began sailing and trading as one. This has led us to Feroz and the free people of the empire which we collectively call home…

Among our “crew” we have our chef who intends to make his fortune through the sale of delicacies and putting his knowledge of spices to the test, even developing potions and tonics.

We have our Artisan, master crafter [eventually]. Making his fortune through selling weapons and armour.

Here is where we get a little more uncertain. A few of us would like to get involved in the combat so we were thinking of a “sell swords” idea. Making our fortune through contracts. Fighting alongside other armies (for a price). We weren’t really thinking “thuggish mercenaries” but more “adventurers”, ready for a new challenge to test our worth and make some money along the way.

How would this fit with the Brass Coast?

We were thinking of having some splashes of different cultures in our armour and attire (thinking
varangian guard) so some hints to the cultures we may have claimed from with some adaptations from the Brass Coast (mainly to make sure we also don’t look completely out of place).

How feasible would this be?

Would other families/armies actually seek contracts with us (probably only 3 fighters in total?)

Does anyone know of something like this that exists which may give us a better idea?

Thank you all for your help

P.s. one of the “sell swords” is our on ship Physik

From what you’ve described, I would say your best bet is to form a family of your own and be privateers. This would allow you to be “sellswords” of a certain stripe. You can certainly have trinkets and other tatt that you’ve claimed as part of your prizes while keeping the bulk of your Freeborn kit.

On the field, playing mercenaries can be quite difficult. There are a couple League groups that do it each event, but they generally have at least 6-7 members at each event. Additionally, in order for your group to fight in a battle that the Freeborn aren’t fighting in, you’ll have to have a Mercenary Banner, which you won’t be able to start with, and you’ll have to make sure you monster the other battle against Freeborn forces. And to be clear, I’m not at all trying to discourage you from this concept, I’m just letting you know what some of your technical requirements would be in order to fight certain battles.

Skirmishes are usually over-subscribed, meaning that there are more players that want to go on the skirmish than there are slots for the skirmish. So the chances of being hired to go on one are REALLY low unless you build up a reputation for excellent fighting skills or having the right skills for the job, such as the exorcism Priest skill for “hostile spirit plot” skirmishes.

Do the fighting members of your group have any experience with LARP combat?

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Thank you. No that’s really helpful to know. Sadly we do not have previous experiences so I cant imagine we will form a massive reputation as skilled fighters for some time (who knows).

I like the own family, privateers and I suppose the combat can come more through pledging to fight for the coast in general rather than a means for trade during the events.

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You can run the privateering side of the family by taking fleets as your personal resources and taking the privateering action during downtime, which was recently supported by the Freeborn Assembly in the Synod after two competing mandates brought the virtue of Freeborn privateers into question. Privateering will give you an equal chance of gaining herbs, ingots or measures, money, or mana crystals to represent the success of your ventures.

If you want to learn more about fighting, you can chat with people in the Empire FB group, Brass Coast FB group, or the Imperial War College FB group. There’s also a number of podcasts and streams that talk about fighting at Empire, like the LARPNoobs, HeftyYeti, or the IWC Study Sessions.


Yarr in Brass coast you are 100% going to have a better time being downtime mercs and hiring out your fleets, fairly confident those will always be in demand while uptime warm bodies are fairly commonplace.

It would also work with military units but in Brass coast there are some benefits and opportunities for fleets which edge them ahead, and in a quiet time you can help your crafter get specific materials. :slight_smile:

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This is incredible and really helping a lot. Thank you so much

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Privateering can be quite a lot of fun in uptime, even if you only do it in downtime. I played a Dawnish pirate lord for some years and…

…organised other captains to come on mass raids with me
…got my ships enchanted with “Lure of Distant Shores” (you WILL have an glorious and profitable seafaring adventure in downtime, like it or not.)
…tried to become Imperial Admiral
…bickered with folk due to my Big Picture perspective and obsession with Prosperity (the virtue)
…told stories of my voyages to whomever would listen

You don’t NEED, as player characters, to be particularly dangerous fighters in uptime. If you hired out your downtime actions (“We need more ships to strike the Grendel off McGuffin Point!” “Get Hawkeye20131! See if his squadron has hired out yet! Offer them reknown and piles of loot!”), you could get a reputation as seaborne mercs. And building that rep on field would take more talking and negotiating than leading the charge through the Sentinel Gate (which would also buff your visibility and reputation, to be fair).

Happy to discuss this further :slight_smile:


I very much like the ambition of becoming a Fleet admiral.

This is amazing. I love this idea so much. Thank you.

I am sort of compartmentalising everything and forming my character so I’m sure I’ll have some additional things to come back with. If you all don’t mind.

I just want to say. This is a bold new thing for me and I wasn’t sure what to expect but you guys have really motivated me and I cant wait to get stuck in.


Hi there! Absolutely a possible idea as everyone above has said. Just thought I’d pop in to say I am a current privateer fighty Corsair in BC with knowledge of the military council side of things and would be happy to help if you wanted :+1:


Wow yeah thank you!! I suppose my best question would be (to all of you). What is maybe the best, first thing I should be doing at an event? To sort of build this reputation or gain traction with privateering

In terms of building a reputation for what you and your group are interested in I would say getting yourselves on skirmishes or just turning up even if turned away, so you’re reliably known for being available. Also introducing yourselves to the character who organises BC skirmishes at time in. Fortunately we now organise ourselves for skirmishes via an awesome player made bulletin board in our camp. You could also make flyers for said bulletin board.

My main advice would be to have fun and accept that it’s a strange, new world. I was absolutely overwhelmed my first event :joy: Don’t feel bad if you or others of your group find yourselves interested in other parts of game, it happened to me after a couple events :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you so much. I love the bulletin board idea.

Thank you for the personal advice too. Like most, my confidence comes with time so I’m aware it will be challenging at the beginning so preparing for that.

However, I want to extend a personal thank you because the support already on this post was more than I anticipated and having structure and solid guidance is helping me already to get into the right mindset so thank you all for making it that little but easier

No worries! Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since an event but I’m always pretty keen to chat about empire :sweat_smile: so again, always welcome to pm from yourself or your group if you want.