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hi, I’m 14 and am off to the winter solstice next year, I think ill be going to the acdemy for the majority of my first weekend but I don’t really understand what I do there, is it different classes for different nations?, do I still bring armour and weapons or is that pointless?, do I have to learn magic and all that if I’m not interested in it? thanks.

Welcome along fissureman!

The academy is generally aimed at those younger than you. They have some sit down classes, some crafting sessions, guest teachers, field trips, and the like. Nation is irrelevant, because until they graduate and gain citizenship, they aren’t official members of a nation anyway.

It is, as I understand it, a method of keeping small players interested and amused, and a method of teaching new players the game to the point they get certified as having sufficient understanding to play with the adults (the Citizenship test).

There are certainly a lot of teaching materials. And tutors and teachers. What you can do, if entering the game at 14, is use the Academy to learn the game. So you can learn and discuss the world and the game to the extent you want, get some weapons practice in, maybe go on a field expedition with the cadets (older students) and likely go for your citizenship test at the end of the weekend…?

I reccomend that you learn some of the calls that come from magic (eg: Paralyse, Shatter). You do not need to know how spells and rituals work unless you want to find out.

In fact, as a new Citizen, you could spend some time visiting (9 of) the nations to pick one! Depending on how quickly you get through things, you may wish to make it to the battlefield on Sunday…

Does this help?

Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks so much for your reply.

I was under the impression that citizenship tests and test of arms, are only carried out at certain days/times, over the weekend. Ideally, I would like to spend Saturday morning with the academy and then take both tests in the afternoon. This would then allow me on to the battlefield for Sunday. I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations for my first attendance but I am also keen to get cracking. I am also wondering how much my mum needs to attend before I am a citizen. How do I go about joining one of the different imperial armies after I have passed my test? I don’t know anyone that attends LARP. Thanks again for your help.


I assume you’ve seen the wiki pages on this?

Until you are 16, you require a responsible adult on site, to whom you report in regularly. Regardless of your citizenship.

Joining an Imperial Nation (assuming you aren’t playing an orc) is reasonably simple: find the Egregore (national spirit) for that nation, and discuss it with them. You may need to answer some questions, give your reasons, and then get a magical binding ceremony. It’s a nice bit of role-play.

There are many young LARPers who have passed their Citizenship well before Arms, so they are full (non-combat) citizens.

(Joining the Imperial Armies is slightly different, as they only exist and act in downtime. For that, find one of the Generals of the nation you’ve joined and role-play your way to an in-game job :slight_smile: )

Do you have any experience with LARP, role playing games, festivals, camping?

Have you had a look at the various nations? Any catch you eye?

Hey Fissureman! A bit late but:
Also 14 here (only for a few more days though whoop) and my first event was E3 of this year. I wasn’t too sure how useful the academy would be at first, but it is wonderful. I spent pretty much the entire event there.
First up, it’s nothing like a real school. You wander in and out as you please. Sessions are occasionally put together and guests might come in to give talks. You’re free to listen, or just chill outside and whack people with training swords, no big deal. The sessions tend to teach about the world- magic, a lot about virtues (heresy gang), politics, and military concerns. I recall seeing sessions about potion brewing and other hands on stuff as well.
But yeah, there is no obligation to drop into the sessions- as Geoffrey said, a lot of it is geared towards the younger folks. I found myself spending most of the event training outside with a multitude of other players my age (and an awful lot of very young ones attacking my legs, not fun :stuck_out_tongue:). It was great fun, I learnt a lot, including some very good basic weapons training. I completed my citizenship test as well (it’s not a massive concern, just need a basic knowledge) which was running throughout the Saturday (?) afternoon. I didn’t partake in the test of arms though, as that only ran for a particular amount of time, so make sure you remember when it’s on!
Armour and weapon wise, it’s not necessary, as the Academy do provide a chest full of training weapons. However, given cost and the fact that toddlers are often handling them, they’re not necessarily the best, so if you’re happy spending money on a blade, go for it. They were good enough for me. Armour was definitely not needed for my event, meanwhile, as HP didn’t really come into play apart from some organised mini battles. It was largely quite free. However, armour is badass so heckin go for it if you want, and it might help in Test of Arms.
All in all, the Academy is just a great place to meet fellow players (some of whom are already established in the Empire and may be happy to help you out, show you around). It sets you up brilliantly for the game, and, most importantly, it’s a right laugh and somewhere to go when you’re feeling out of your depth.
And welcome to the Empire!
-Brejaño i Seperez i Erigo


It’s worth mentioning that OOC the paint-job on these makes it obvious that IC they are wooden training-weapons (most or all sword-shaped) that children can use without cutting one another’s limbs off. IC, the Academy would not be letting children use real swords!

So, @fissureman, I can imagine it might be fun if your character starts without a weapon, then after passing the Test of Arms your character can enjoy the excitement of acquiring a Real Sword (or other weapon) of his very own (either choosing one to buy from the traders right then, or if you bought one before time-in then your character might be presented with it by his IC mother or whoever else is appropriate).

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