Acceptable Trousers

Hello there! First time poster, how y’all doing? Something I just wanted to check, are these sorts of trousers on brief for the League? Landsknecht Pants - Green/White - Larp Inn

I know someone who uses black denim and noone has noticed so far, I’ve gotten some of these
and they work really well.

They’re baggier than I’d expect from a Landsknecht aesthetic (if you do a google image search for “landsknecht” you’ll see that the puffiness is usually ruffles on a fitted base) and because of both colour and cut look baggier than Bozemoto’s example. I’m not 100% convinced but it would depend what you used for the rest of your costume and how they sit on you (they’d look more fitted on longer legs). League doublets are a tight fit as well and I think suit a slimmer trouser better.

They’re not unacceptable but could be closer to brief. Good colours and the alternating stripes are strong.

I think people tend to buy hero pants simply because they’re the easiest trousers sold as LARP trousers to obtain. For the League it’s actually even easier than that - ordinary leggings in a single colour can actually look far more League than most things sold as LARP kit.


They look fine, for an example.
The both pics are the Holburger Houdagen (my group) we tend to wear something resembling them and there are ways to make them tighter if too loose. I also like the colour.

I presume you’ve read

Those trousers by Epic Armoury are only very vaguely like real Landsknecht style, and much baggier than the brief on the Wiki recommends. I think they’re just about acceptable, but for that sort of money I’d want something better.

Plain leggings would be cheaper and more on-brief (and you can wear two pairs, with slashes in the outer pair to show a contrasting colour underneath… if you do that then ideally the outer pair should be a close fit but unstretched, at least in the places where you do the slashes).

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