Due to…

Frankly a peculiar, hilarious, bizarre and (near inexplicable) series of circumstances that I struggle to comprehend OC, my character is looking to adopt another full Imperial Citizen as his son. To befuddle you further this is a Marcher adopting a Navarri.

Now knowing that full details on Marcher marriage etc are quite clear, this isn’t a marriage. Since I was told in game by a Magistrate this was not against Imperial Law… I assume this could have happened during downtime.

Although in truth, my mind is somewhat blank on what a Marcher adoption ceremony would look like, any thoughts? Probably exchange of poppets with (no doubt) the Navarri wrangling some blood in there.

Any particular Navarr, or are you just kidnapping the next one who passes by?

From the Navarr side, I’d expect oaths, a tattoo, and blood.

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I would talk to your Egregore. I think they pretty much have to be involved anyway since your Navarr is presumably becoming a Marcher? I would expect any Navarr hearth magic in the adoption ceremony to be muted for the same reason.

Oddly enough, seems to be tying into the discussion thus far.

However he won’t be joining the Marches, but remaining in Navarr… the tricky (or simple) point.


I’d think that any adoption would involve the adoptee becoming a Marcher.
Foreigners are well and good, But they are not Family…

Good point, on further consideration (jumping nation is not viable for adoptee). This confirmed a niggling feeling at the back of my mind that it wouldn’t work.

Thus we’re scratching adoption… doing something potentially rather more colourful instead.

It’s mentioned several times that adoption is a normal thing in the Empire, particularly with Lineage and special attitudes, e.g. Merrow children going to Urizen from Brass Coast and I think they go from Marches to Bregasland marshes as well

One would expect these children to become citizens of their adoptive nations, though?

yes that’s my take on it, and if a child isn’t happy in a nation would move to another being adopted by a family of that nation

You may take the boy of of the bush.
But you can never take the bush out of the boy.

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Well, considering that children get to choose their nation upon reaching adulthood and it doesn’t have to be the same nation as their parents, I would say you could adopt someone of another nation. Most adoptions I have seen however has involved people moving to the nation of the person adopting them however, as there doesn’t seem much point in ‘adopting’ a full grown adult otherwise (as its pretty much just a mentor relationship anyway).