Advice for a new player working on costume parts

I have most of my base starter costume already ill be uploading some images when the rest of the costume parts arrive but I was curious as to If the following piece works for Wintermark… so part of my backstory is I wear a black mask on the left side of my face as a reminder of letting my pride get the better of me and trying to make a concoction of potion I was told not to experiment with leaving my face heavily scared… anyway I wanted to use a stick on prosthetic to highlight that I have been travelling and much like the wizard in hobbit who lived in the forest has been there all to long. hence the image below…id like to use a fake fungus/ mushroom growing on the other side of my face. would this work for a human alchemist traveller new to anvil.

I think that in the setting of Empire you’re probably not any more likely to grow fungus on your face than you are in real life. Fungus on your body is generally a mark of heralds of Llofir. I don’t know if it’s excusively for those heralds though: if you’re an alchemist who mucks around a lot with herbs and magic then personally I’d think it was cool if that caused you to have some growths, but I don’t know how well that meshes with lore and rules.

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If you’re a human you shouldn’t have the mushroom, people will think you’re a briar. Humans don’t grow mushrooms in real life, and they wouldn’t either in Empire.


Yeah, If i saw mushrooms growing out of someone I’d think either Herald of Llofir or this person is dying of a horrible disease, I should get them to the Hospital and notify their next of kin…


Sounds like an awesome look! Maybe adopt the briar lineage to explain the mushrooms, add a little bark or thorns?

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Honestly even as a Briar I think I’d still be thinking Herald (in fact even more so) or sick… Briars have bark and thorns, its specifically called out that ‘other greenery’ is not appropriate for a briar, and while they are not flowers or leaves I would expect Mushrooms to fall under the same exclusion. but for a definite answer contact PD…


In terms of masks and scarring:

Scars are proudly worn in Wintermark, you wouldn’t hide it. People voluntarily scar themselves if they don’t get bloodied in a fight:

Masks in Wintermark are a kallavesi tradition, in which case it should be an animal headpiece:

The mask pictured has the wrong symbols - they aren’t Empire runes, which are well-defined:

EDIT: Oh - and remember pride is a virtue in Empire! Experimenting with concoctions shows wisdom (an eagerness to learn and grow) and is to be encouraged. You could get some good burn scar prosthetics to show your wisdom :wink:


I think the markings on the mask are passably fine, i’d read them as personal notes rather than runes, though adding a rune or two would help make it look more wintermark, maybe Irremais, Cavul or Diras depending on the reason for the mask.

I think the mask is far enough from both the Masks of the League and the headresses and masks of the Kallavesi that I would read it as worn for practical rather than hearth magic reasons.

I agree on the Pride part, ‘To own my sins and speak my virtues loud’ as the Virtue Anthem says, yet I think wearing the mask is fine especially if the mask is marked in someway to explain what has happened below it.