Advice for building a Wintermark costume

I am in the process of building my Wintermark costume. I have build my tunic already. My character is basically an Artisan/ fighter. I am asking advice because building a costume is really hard.
And I hope you all have some great advice to share.

Which tribe is your character; stenir, suaq, or kallavesi? That will make a difference to your costume.

So you have access and the skill to use a sewing machine or are you looking to buy of the rack?

Also what thesher said which tradition?

My tribe is kallavesi. that is one I have chosen.

Will my own Mum owns a sewing machine. She is showing me how it works.
also my tradition is kallavesi.
she used to be a costume designer for movies / tv shows


Best place for costume advice is the wiki or the WM Facebook group, check out the below link;

See the below image also, you want to go for swampy or more muted colours in rougher fabrics, feathers and beads are common decoration as well as furs.

If you’ve got questions there are plenty of people happy to answer them :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping

Do also have a think about weather options as you will be wearing this costume for the whole day. If coming to E1 it will probably be cool, and get colder in the evening, so a cloak or over-robe is a good idea. Also worth seeing if you can find thermals that will fit under your costume if you are generally a cold person.
For E3 you will hopefully be looking at thinner layers for hot weather, although it will be cooler again in the evening.
The general recommendation is to keep hems about 10 inches off the floor so you don’t pick up too much mud walking around. (Referred to in game as ‘the Anvil Cut’, even in the fashion magazine!)
Also do give a thought to pockets, pouches and bags for carrying stuff around - snacks, notebook and pen, OC keys and money, water carrier and in game stuff. Going round a few charity shops is quite good for small bags.

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I am coming for July’s game I was thinking to build a cloak for empire Larp

thanks for advice Charliep

If you get a fur trimmed cloak sorted (decent fake fur is cool) that along with your tunic should sort you out for a first game. Then like people have said go for beads necklaces and other nick nacks as totems and fetishes, check out your local charity shops for anything good but you can also pick up a bunch of stuff cheaply in the field.

Also you can pick up resin animal skulls from Etsy pretty cheaply and you can put them on necklaces or elsewhere and bird skulls are very on brief for Kallavesi.

Oh yeah I also second the suggestion of thermal underlayers, they’re the pro-tip for Empire :slight_smile:.