Advice for my girlfriend

Hey all! I’ve managed to get my girlfriend quite interested in LARP, to the stage where she’d like to come to one of the events with me. However she is worried because she is so very shy and tends to be quite quiet in larger groups. I’ve told her that it will take her a while to adjust and gain some confidence but there’s nothing wrong with playing a slightly shy character. I know that this may introduce some problems with her being able to get involved with people but everyone I’ve spoken too so far is absolutely lovely and i’m sure after a while she’d have no problem speaking to people.

What we’re trying to do is find a character archetype that fits a shy/quiet girl. I’m hoping that LARP’s will help her become more confident and i’m sure she’ll really enjoy herself. She’s a very artsy kind of person and said she’d want to play a supporty kind of role. Just trying to think of an idea for a character that would suit her.

Also would be nice if she could also be in Highguard with me :smiley:

Hope you guys can help!

Highguard archetypes (given it is always easier at LRP even if you are not shy to be around people you know) that could support quiet and shy off the top of my head.

  • Vigilant - It’s almost a Highborn stereotype - someone who watches other people, weighs up their actions and words, and stays alert for threats. Once enough evidence is collected, the case can be brought to someone more comfortable with shouted denunciations (there are a whole lot of those in the game). Spies are very much a thing in the game, and as well as spying internally on Highguard there is a lot to be said for soaking up the atmosphere of the game visiting other peoples’ camps, the Senate, or the Conclave eating their food, and judging them. You don’t even need to take priest skills to play this role - it works just as well with any skill set because priest is a calling not a set of skill picks. It would also work, for example, with a magician (especially a Shuttered Lantern order magician), or even a fighter (Unconquered are more often ninjas but you could make this work).

  • Synod novice - Novice in terms of being new to the politics, not someone who is untrained or naive :wink: Taking a congregation is a good choice for Highguard anyway because it lets you take part in some of the internal politics. Being part of the Synod allows you to participate in Imperial decision making without needing to put yourself forward - it’s all about signing your name on a judgement. Other players will seek you out and ask for your help, but that help is usually an agreement to vote for or against something. Congregation works best with priest skills, but you can also sell you liao income and do other stuff with it. I have very good reports of a welcoming priest player community in Highguard (in many nations to be honest but especially in Highguard).

  • Magister - there are some cool magical concepts to play with even if you are shy and not with a ritual group. A magician who is also a priest gets to judge people silenty or to their faces (its a Highguard schtick), but with a few lower level ranks in ritual lore and a mana site you can do quite a few solo rituals that are at least cool - Signs and Portents can give you a bit of plot info you can tease out and share with other people for example - and once you get your feet theres plenty of covens out there who would be keen for new members. Being a magician also opens up the Conclave - another political body where you can fade into the crowd a bit until you get your feet. It also opens up a whole new bunch of people to judge.

Hope that helps

thanks for that. that’s been very helpful and I’ve showed her your reply.

she says that she’s most worried about role playing badly as it will be her first time. she doesn’t want to appear a total novice and has no idea how people woukd react to that. I’ve told her how massively different role playing at a larp is different from a tabletop because at a larp you are physically embodying someone so hopefully that’s calmed some nerves

It’s a difficult fear to overcome, I remember it!

The phrase “It’s my first time in Anvil, could you help?” can be helpful, you are explaining your lack of knowledge in an IC way.

Being comfortable and confident in kit helps me. I always do at least one kit rehearsal at home to make sure I know how everything works.

Have a notebook with all your characters details written in is great as if you forget (which happens to everyone) you can just excuse yourself and find the info. I find handwriting it also helps my brain to remember the stuff too. I also print out relevant bits of the wiki in case I need a refresher on something.

Plan an activity that you can do on your own (like sewing, drawing, or something) can be a good thing if you are at a loose end. You can keep one ear out without feeling lost or like you aren’t contributing in some way. Take a seat, smile at passers by and relax.

Remember, your character is new to Anvil and quite possibly horribly confused too. It is absolutely fine and a good idea to ask ‘what’s going on’ and ‘can I help’ all the time.
Don’t worry too much about looking like a newbie - everyone was one once, and most people will be very welcoming to new people.
Don’t worry about having a clearly defined character or acting skills at first. If all you do is be someone who is basically yourself in a funny hat, that is fine. If the only thing you do all weekend is sit in the corner in a tea shop in basic costume and watch the world go by, you have still made a contribution to the game, by providing the tea shop with a customer, and being background to other people doing their thing. But hopefully by the time you have sat there for a weekend, you’ll have a bit more idea what this larp thing is about, and maybe chatted to some passers by over tea.
If you do anything like knitting or sewing, bring some along to do in character. It gives you a thing to do, and it’s a good excuse to strike up conversation.

The hospital can be a good place for new people, as there’s lots of being sat waiting with the same few people, and it is super friendly. You don’t need any special skills to be useful there, you can hand out snacks and drinks which will make you very popular, or help with triage.

If you are stuck for a conversation starter, admire people’s kit - everyone likes flattery! Or ask other people about themselves and what they are doing at Anvil, and if it sounds interesting then ask to watch or help out.

People enjoy any excuse to talk to new people. I had great fun just walking into a bar in every camp and shouting ‘WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH A BIG PILE OF YOUR NATION’S DEAD?’. Total strangers spent a long time discussing mass graves with me!

An Archivist could work well. There are a lot of players and groups with a backstory that they’d just love an excuse to tell you about. You’ll spend most of the time listening and taking notes, so provided you can muster the nerve to start the conversation, they’ll probably carry it for you.
Highguard history is very interpretive and revisionist, so you can shoehorn some controversy in there by writing biased accounts once you get some more confidence.

In terms of where to spend your XP, physick is pretty reactive and easy to get in to via the hospital. Joining a ritual team can also work - you can be useful contributing to rituals quietly without having to lead them.

I can heartily recommend playing a priest with a congregation in HG as a way to get involved in stuff. She’d also be involved in politics then, having to help make a decision on the senator for Casinea next time and probably a bunch of other stuff as well in the various meetings.

Get her to have a read of the various virtues and see if any of them click with her, otherwise the Assembly of the Way is a good place to start.

I believe Highguard needs more Ambition priests and potentially Pride and Wisdom priests as well, they’re some of the smaller assemblies so plenty of space to get involved. The Courage Assembly is obviously the best of all, but I might be a little biased there :slight_smile:.

Make sure she gets along to the Player Support meeting in the Hub (Big round red tent) 4pm-6pm on Friday to meet the player support team and at least one of the Highguard Egregores who’ll help point her in the direction of fun. Otherwise make sure she gets introduced to both of the HG Egregores on the field as part of their job is to help new players find their feet.

Also like has already been said you can be a priest and an archivist, looking into virtuous History, with True Liao Visions and the like is a fun direction to go.

If she’s got any questions once she’s had a read of some of the wiki, and she definately doesn’t need to read it all, we’d be happy answer them here, some of us being former priests of some experience :slight_smile:.

Don’t worry about having a clearly defined character or acting skills at first. If all you do is be someone who is basically yourself in a funny hat, that is fine. [/quote]

(Some of us are still playing mostly themselves in a funny hat, cowl or veil, weather dependant, 4 years into the game…) :smiley:

Highguard is full of lovely people, and just going for a wander to look at what is happening elsewhere is absolutely fine, whether that’s bits of the game, conclave, senate, hub to read the notice boards, or the various nations to see what festivals, markets or events are happening.
There is always something going on and you can watch or join in as you feel happy to.

Happy to go for a wander with someone new if that helps.