Advice on accommodation and travel

Hi everyone,

Just wandering if anyone has any good advice when it comes to staying near the site for the weekend. Unfortunately due to my health camping is just not an option (as much as I’d kill to camp in character). So I was just wandering if anyone had any experience traveling in fro near by places and any recommendations of where to stay??

Thank you so much.

There’s a Premier Inn pretty close to the site, along the A43. That tends to have a few Larpers staying each event: they don’t give a damn but they do book up quickly…

It’s perhaps 10 minutes drive from site. Parking back on site can be an issue, though…


thank you

There is also the local golf club, which is quite expensive, and a few B&Bs in the area if you hunt around.

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Anktger option with some interesting advantages over going to a local b&b might be to hire a Motorhome?


Motorhomes are just so expensive to rent. But it is a very good idea

I just looked up prices for a local hire place, £500 per week for e1 up to £1000 per week for summer holidays. Wow.

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