Advice regarding whips

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I’ll get straight to the point. I need a lil bit of advice regarding whips. I think it would absolutely suit my character’s personality and background to carry a whip for reasons. Is this allowed? In regards to ~safety and such~

I do not intend to hit people with it, before anyone asks. More as a means of intimidation

Thanks in advance

I’d email PD, it’s the only way you’ll get an accurate answer


I don’t see why you can’t carry one round as costume (even though you can hurt someone with it, you can do that with many things you find around anvil, just no one does) but it might not be such a good idea cracking it. If you are going to hitting against your hand while it is rolled up to intimidate someone then that may work but if you aren’t then you are going to have to think about space. The kind of places you are going to be trying to intimidate people in would probably small place, off to the side somewhere which mean you are more likely to accidently hit someone or something. When it gets dark, it will probably be a nightmare.

If your way of intimidation isn’t good enough, you are going to have to follow it up with something. That mean you would have to drop your whip and go for your weapon. That means they have time to go for theirs. You have to remember that most people at empire will not be afraid of threats of immediate violence as most people have chosen to do something combat related. If they think they can take you then they will go for it, the only thing slowing them down would be them wondering whether or not you can actually whip them.

There will be some people who you may be able to intimidate with it but they can always call for help and aid is probably sitting a few feet away or walking pasted. Also, they can use it to identify you afterwards.

Basically, do you actually want to try and use a whip other than for it’s look? I feel like it can only go badly.

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Leaving the safety thing aside, whips have a slavery implication, which a number of characters - especially the orcs - are likely to react to. If you understand this, and playing with that is part of your intention, fine. If not, I’d leave the whip at home. This is a big can of worms to get into if you’re not prepared for it.


TBH, I don;t like the idea of a whip as a prop, as it could be used (by you or someone else) it would be the same as walking around with a steel weapon, saying I won’t use it doesn’t wash with me…UNLESS it is permanently coiled (ties into a coil so cannot be uncoiled) .
you may have perfectly innocent plans, but there are plenty of folk who would start playing with the whip after a few drinks…a recipe for disaster IMHO

Perhaps, to get around this problem, the whip could be carried around during the day, when the alcohol flows less freely and then put away at night? If you stopped people carrying or wearing things because it could be dangerous when drunk then you would have to take a lot of stuff away from people. If you are sensible then I’m sure it would be fine but PD may not want to take any chances.

Personally I don’t have a problem with this. As long as the whip is controlled by the player then I don’t see any problem. I have a mages staff ritual staff which is LARP saffe but would still cause an injury if someone were to grab it and swing. There a number of items which would cause damage if someone intoxicated got hold of them, the thing is to make sure they are under supervision.

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I’m going to lock this conversation for now, as the only way to find out whether this is acceptable is to email PD and get an official ruling.

If PD are contacted and someone gets an official response, I’ll happily unlock the thread so we can get a proper resolution to the question.