After E4 2018

The year is over!

It’s been a rollercoaster for me - I’ve been through three characters, two nations and changed resource once - and I’m sad it’s finished. Six months to E1 2019!

On a semi-official note, if you have complaints or compliments that you want to pass on to the PD team, feedback addresses can be found at

If anyone would like to join in in my post-event excitement, however, please do post some of your favourite things that happened at this event (or this year!) below.


The highlights of this year’s events for me have been the Llofir/Tamarbode plot, and a sort-of-related plot about a certain banner.

We resolved the banner plot at E4, which was great to finally finish a plot line. I suspect it may have just opened up a new plotline though!

The Llofir plot is still ongoing, and continues to give me and others plenty of game to chew on!


My highlights have been to see the stuff with “intel” plot towards the Grendel and other threats take on a life of their own. To know that people have taken my Grendel Dossier and ran with it is pretty cool.

Seeing new people in Highguard and also new people join my group in Felix’s Watch, it’s great to see things get shaken up and taken in new directions :slight_smile:.

Finally getting to play my new Highborn character Baal and also get to use a crossbow in battle for the first time. Both were a whole lot of fun.


This year:

My group got to be cohesive and doing stuff! My PC organised and led an Earls Council! I started pulling Dawn towards a plan of long-term prosperity…

And then that character died, along with most of the group. Wonderfully melodramatic funeral.

New character, and after E3 (and that great Black Plateau battle) I wrote up fluff and backstory and setting for group.

And this weekend, a good time of stories and battles and silly moments and gingerbread. And another awesome battle!

(And while tidying up, I found someone had left a bottle of port behind… :stuck_out_tongue: )

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