Age Restrictions: April 2018

Hi all,
I’m fairly new to larping and will be (hopefully) attending the April event of next year, im going with two friends however one of whomes birthday falls squarely in the middle of the (estimated) dates for the event. What rules or regulations would be in place in this case?

I ave a feeling that the age at the start of the event is going to be the important one (especially if under 16) However I would say that for an Official decision you’ll need to email PD at

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What is their age and what’s the problem? Above 16+ all pay the same price for tickets. Only difference being from people 18+ is they can’t buy drinks at the tavern. Apart from that everyone is treated as a full citizen. Getting to have a birthday at Empire sounds amazing as well! Welcome to all of you.

Firstly, thanks guys for responding,
and yeah it would be cool to have a birthday within the event, however you have to be over 16 to go to empire without a guardian. I am going to message PD,
thanks again everyone.

A Guardian does not need to be a Legal Guardian, but rather someone who will take responsibility for their Welfare and who will oversea them whilst at the event. I am unsure on what the issue is here.