Age restrictions

I am sure it says about it on the website but I have looked for a long time and cannot seem to find the answer. I am a new player who may have some friends join the game. I am curious as to if only one of us needs to be 18 or if we all need to be 18 in order to not be accompanied by an adult. Any help would be helpful thanks :ok_hand:t2:

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As long as you’re over 16 you can attend alone.
If anyone’s under 16 they need a parent or legal guardian!


We’ve had groups attending with one designated parent/guardian before. A scout leader (30+) brought a dozen scouts (all under 16) along, forming a group that was a Dawnish lord and his local orphanage. They formed a high-speed skirmishing mob and were fairly effective…


Not quite correct - they need an adult who is reasonably strongly associated with them and permission from their parent or legal guardian for that adult to look after them. Close relatives, scout leaders, and similar have all been acceptable adults before, but contact PD by email or phone about your particular situation - they are generally very reasonable, they just don’t want a random adult to bring a kid possibly without their parent/guardian’s knowledge, for obvious reasons…


Hi welcome aboard :slight_smile: the rules on this are here: (scroll down for specifics on different age groups)

If you’re between 16-18 you don’t need an adult with you and apart from not being able to buy alcohol in the tavern you’re just like any other player.

Please feel free to post any other questions you’ve got on the forum :).

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Thank you sir. Along with the other replies my question has been answered. I was told the larping community was friendly so I am glad to be aboard. I will be posting more questions as much as I can :blush:

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