++ All Work Together++

“I’m not sure I agree with you.” said Kesiah. “The Way unites the Empire, that’s what it does, that’s what it’s FOR.”

“Half the Empire are heretics an blasphemers.” Rosemary was emphatic. “Reincarnating as trees and rats? Treating unvirtuous acts as a commodity you can pass to a priest? Magic bird spirits coming to carry your soul to the labyrinth? Venerating so-called heroes? Virtuous ancestors? Hungry spiritual geography waiting to swallow you up? Dolphins? THE BROKEN WHEEL?”

“I suppose that’s fair but is it REALLY heresy or blasphemy to cling to old folk belief…”

“Yes.” Rosemary put her cup down firmly on the table. “Yes it is. I can go through them all if you like. Let’s start with ‘only human spirits reincarnate’ and whether a human spirit is still a human spirit when it’s an apple tree…”

Following a period of turmoil and religious conflict, it may be time for cooler heads to prevail. A judgement by Nina of Cantiarch’s Hold leads to a mandate that suggests that the Synod should encourage the Empire to embrace the Way, and turn away from heterodoxy, heresy, and blasphemy. You can learn about this mandate here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/All_work_together

I need to be careful to avoid editorialising but I think there is a lot of complicated things going on with this mandate opportunity, and will be very interested to see what happens with it.

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