Ambidexterity and Spears

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going through putting the finishing touches to my character before settling and getting the rest of my kit in. my question is; can I wiled an additional one-handed weapon if i’m using a one-handed spear and have the ambidexterity skill?

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No, because a spear is longer than 42"/
From the wiki.


This skill allows you to simultaneously wield two weapons (or implements) up to 42” long each. Your opponent still only takes one hit per second at most if hit swiftly and repeatedly - even when using two weapons at once. It is not possible to wield two weapons at once without this skill. You cannot wield two weapons if either is longer than 42”.


that’s fair, was under the impression that weapon master superseded this and allowed you to use a spear as a one handed weapon. thanks for the clarification.

All PCs can use a buckler though, which is valid to use alongside a one handed spear.

Weapon master allows you to use a ‘one-handed spear’, which is a subtly different class to a ‘one-handed weapon’

Ah, yeah that’s where my misunderstanding occurred. thought one-handed spear counted as a one handed weapon. after reading through the wiki I can see that this isn’t the case.

as a separate note of inquiry what are the rules around holding banners and using a one handed spear?
could I for example hold a banner i my left hand and use a one-handed spear in my right?

This mentions that you can use a magical standard with a one handed weapon.

and if you can use a spear one-handed as it says here (you need weapon master to do this)

Then that wouldn’t break any rules I think. Basically it comes down to, can you fight safely with a thrust safe one handed spear while carrying a banner?

I’d give an email for the final word.

A magic standard isn’t a weapon, it just requires being used in a hand that isn’t being used for anything else. So you could (by my understanding) use any one-handed item in the other hand: that could be a rod, a wand, a one-handed weapon, a one-handed spear, or even a shield.

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