++AN APPLE THAT FALLS++ Autumn 381YE Winds of Fortune

Jenny Thresher stared at their pantry in disbelief. The cool storeroom was filled to the gunnels with food stuffs, mostly sacks of grain but also cured meats, dried fruit and similar. Enough to get her the whole farm through the winter no matter what happened. For the first time in her life she didn’t have to worry about what would happen if the crops failed, didn’t have to worry what the family would eat. Everyone who worked on the farm would be fine until next year now - come what may.

And all thanks to their cousins in Upwold and Mitwold. Well Bregasland too technically - but folk there were odd. These supplies were good solid Marcher staples, people in Bregasland probably eat exotic food like eels or seaweed or something. Still the bounty was thanks to all of them - that couldn’t be denied.

She shut the door of the pantry and walked back into the light. “Lost time is never found Jenny Thresher” she told herself. With so much food stored for the winter, she could turn her attention to repairing the hedgerows round the four back fields. And there was the long ditch between her farm and Spittlefields that hadn’t been touched in years. She could spare the time to dig it out now. She was determined to make best use of this windfall, invest her time wisely and see her farm prosper again.

Okay … it’s a wind of fortune about the Mournwold. You can find it in all its glory here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/An_apple_that_falls

I warn you now it is not short. Normally we’d save this til last but we want to make sure interested parties have time to absorb what it is saying. As the boss points out in the note at the end (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/An_apple_that_falls#Notes)

"We appreciate that this is an exceptionally long and complicated Wind of Fortune. We apologize for the length - but the situation in the Mourn is fevered and complex - a consequence of the various actions taken by players over the last few years of the campaign. What we’ve tried to do here, rather than lay out a short simple list of things that the players must do to solve the situation, is start by identifying what the primary problems are - the key bullet points in each section. There is then a more detailed list of the various things players might do to try and redress the situation. In most cases the most dramatic intervention is listed first, easier (but less effective) interventions are listed later.

The list is accurate but not definitive. Like with the inspirational idea last event by the players to repurpose the Imperial Breadbasket to feed the Morn, there will be things that players might think of that we have not considered. We are always strive to be as responsive as possible to player actions - but on an occasion such as this where the problem is so complex, we wanted to underline the fact that anything that makes a substantive difference to life in the Mournwold - and which addresses the concerns of the inhabitants as defined in the bullet points - will have some effect on the problem. As with a mandate - we will try to add something to the wiki if you email your idea to us in the next few days (along with an appropriate explanation of how effective it would be). Otherwise you will have to take your chances at the event! "

So give it a once over. How the Empire deals with the problems of the Mournwold has the potential to shape the future not only of the Marches, but of the Empire as a whole.

There’s a few more Winds to come - but it is very late and as usualy its taken us roughly one day longer than we expected to finish everything off. Thanks for bearing with us.

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