An Empire TCG


Hey Guys, Wanted to let everyone know that im going to be making an Empire Trading card game. It is similar to Gwent with a Hearthstone twist. Simple to play and have fun. The Characters and Beasts are based on Player characters in Anvil as well as legendary figures in the lore of empire.

I intend the game to be sold in character so that everyone can play it. I plan to make starter kits and booster packs and also hopefully make a league, these are some long term goals as i need to sit and interview many players and write down descriptions and what type of character they are. On the next event i will be doing so.
I am trying really hard to make these cards look authentic to the empire world but in doing so i need some help with the drawing. Something im awful at. I have ideas and have made board games and card games before but for empire i want it to be authentic and look amazing .

What im really asking is if there is anyone out there who could draw reasonably well and would be up for the challenge of drawing the characters and beasts based on descriptions i give them.
I plan to do this in character as well and find an artist.

Its a lot to ask for someone who has only been to one event and cannot pay someone for the work but what i can offer is that whoever helps me with this, will get a free copy of the game and many booster packs as well.

Thanks for reading guys, Im just trying to make a game so there is another thing to do at empire amongst the many things already. This is a passion of mine as is LARP and i think it would benefit the playing community




Ambition is a virtue and I can’t wait to see how this goes. My character is a courier so tramping from camp to camp and talking to people and writing stuff down is my jam. If I run into you IC I’ll be happy to give you a hand collecting data. (I also design games as a hobby in case you want any help on that side)

Other than that, best of luck. This sounds rad.

Edit: Oh also maybe try and at least get some IC funding/sponsorship because no decent artist will or should work for nothing, or even just for finished product.

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Thanks, I hope i run into you to, could trade ideas. My characters name is Baldus.

I was thinking of IC Funding, that i can do, i have friends who can help me on that part as well.



Sounds amusing. Ask about the league, we tend to have some money to invest.



Hobson, if I ever got there to Empire early or on Thursday, I’d try to interest you in a round of Larp-Ref, the Card Game, which I cooked up some years back… Maybe we should meet for a chat one morning early :slight_smile:



I’m up for that, love trying new games, especially those made by players. I will try and get there on Thursday again.



If and when the butchers are in town look up Lorenzo the master of the guild of good games, he’ll be very interested.

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Only just seen this thread. But if Baldus is still interested in this then please come and find Lorenzo on the field and lets talk about possible i/c sponsorship by The Guild of Good Games