++An Informal Briefing++


It’s not a podcast, but we’ve just published a new short audio file. It represents a briefing delivered by the Imperial Archivist talking about the rough state of the Empire in the run-up to the next event. You can find it here : http://shoutengine.com/Empirepodcast/empire-interlude-winter-382ye-74181

As with any in-character text, it’s up to you whether you know about it or not.

Its done in an in-character voice and represents a broad- strokes briefing about the state of the Empire designed as a very mild teaser for Winds of War and Winds of Fortune. It’s an experiment as much as owt else.

The photo is of a piece of costume by Jude Reid, and we’re indebted to her and to the audio-editor who employed consummate skill in turning a very rough piece of recording into something suitable for public consumption.

#TheresTroubleUpAtMill, #ItsARightBollockOn, #PleaseHoldAllQuestionsUntilTheEnd


Thank you, that’s a really interesting summary/preview.

Would it be possible to get a transcript?

There’s not one at the moment but if one does surface I’ll post a link here :).

This article about the recording on Andy Raff’s Blog has a script at the bottom of it.

Andy Raff’s Blog

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that was super nice felt like I was really there.

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Thanks for the link! Much appreciated.