And now the weather

So here’s the weather forecast from the Met Office and the BBC.

Sunny Intervals with a gentle breeze.

What can we conclude from this?

The smart money is on a Tornado or possibly some sort of Ice Storm. But we haven’t had a meteorite strike yet so that’s always a possibility :slight_smile:.

(Slightly more seriously it’ll get cold without cloud cover at night so pack some layers)


Weather forecast nerd reporting in, crossposting from facebook:

The weather for the upcoming Empire should be treated with cautious optimism, which means I’m expecting a plague of locusts or something because the Pennington weather machine has to feed off our suffering somehow :wink:
Anyway, we can expect daytimes to be dry and fairly bright with a mix of clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the high teens/low twenties. There might be a spotty shower or two in the early mornings before the clouds break but… dare I say it… I’m not anticipating much if any rain.
The wind is looking rather blustery on Thursday right in time for camp setup, so watch out for that, though it should be a lot calmer for the rest of the weekend. If you burn easily then take care because the windchill factor might make you not realise how much you’re also being hit by the sunshine.
Since it’s September, nights are likely to be quite chilly despite the warm days- there won’t be that much cloud cover keeping the heat in so we’re looking at lows of approx 8-10C. This isn’t all that cold in the grand scheme of things but because the daytimes will be quite warm it’ll be easy to think so will the nights and not bring any thermals. Bring warm stuff and put it on before it gets dark, etc etc yada yada.
Pack decent shoes, because all this means there’ll be a lot of dew on the ground in the mornings. The grass will be properly wet if you’re an early riser.