Announcing : the masquerade of the reaper

In ancient times past it is said that at as winter reached its heights the Reaper would visit the land bringing both death and renewal. In the cities it became common place to wear masks in order to seek to avoid unwanted attention and from these traditions was born the festival which the League is once more reviving, the Masquerade of the Reaper.

This winter the League will be in festive mode with competitions such as ‘Bridge Fighting’ and the Hunt of Ambition and a merry schedule of music and entertainment.

The second evening of the gathering will see the actual Masquerade itself where the Reaper will walk the streets of the League and all are asked to wear masks in public areas of the League camp. The League Cartas will gather to remember their dead and renew vows before entering a grand parade with the Burning effigy. Following short speeches and awards there will follow a grand party in the League plaza with courtly dancing, feasting with the Butchers, drinking at the League’s bars and salons and generally making merry.

Come and see a play, drink a beer, take part in a competition and eat great food.

Oh and bring a mask …

The League players are pulling the stops out this event in a cultural extravaganza that will centre around their nation camp but hopefully spill out into the rest of Anvil as the festivities get going. I’ve seen some of stuff they’ve been planning and it’s excited me enough to ruthlessly write an NPC specifically to give me an excuse to stick a carnival mask on and go and drink wine in a field

Going forward, we’re keen to see more nations organize this kind of stunt - to stage big cultural events that will help bring the Empire setting to life. I know the Boss is planning to put some thoughts down on paper after E1, talking about our experiences with “event hosting” at Maelstrom and how we’d like to see things develop at Empire. Until then … why not see if you can find a mask and make a date with the Reaper for Saturday evening …

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PS - If you were wondering, I found this gorgeous photo on ( … 1253426700) and immediately started planning an Autumn Eternal to go with it.

PPS - There may also be another announcement tomorrow evening. Keep your eyes peeled.