Anvil Almanac
IC flyer text reads as follows:
Are you closely involved in the affairs of the Empire?
Do you or your group want to get more involved?
Following the success of a trial printing at the Winter 379 Summit,
the House of Seven Mirrors announces publication of the

Anvil Almanac, Spring 380YE Edition.

which will include:

  • Current Imperial Concerns (summaries of the news carried to Anvil by winds from across the Empire and beyond)
  • Imperial Titles and their Holders (taking especial note of those Titles due for election)
  • Civil Service Timetable
    Librarians, curators, collectors and sellers of information: we are happy to list your details. Tell us who you are, where you may be found, and the nature of the information that you hold.
    PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT SEEK TO RECEIVE OR SHARE YOUR SECRETS, merely to assist in directing Citizens to sources of Fruitful Enquiry
    Deadline: We go to print when the last agent of the Empire has reported in
    [We respectfully acknowledge the hard work of the Imperial Civil Service in compiling some of the information included. A donation to the Anvil Hospital will be made from the sale of each copy.]

This FB group has been set up to answer OOC questions. (IC questions to be answered in the field!):

I should also see any replies to this thread, for FB-negative folks.

This looks amazing, have you decided on a price per copy?

Price is a crown. We print 60 copies. They’re sold from 6pm onwards from the Imperial Offices/House of Seven Mirrors/roving salesperson.

Thank you!