Anvil Library Research Requests


Hello, a quick question: I believe one can put research requests in by filling out a form at Anvil Library - however I was also wondering whether there is a facility for this to be requested through IC mail instead. I suspect not, but thought it was worth a punt…


My wife is part of the library and whilst the research requests there are good they should not be confused with putting in a research request with the civil service.

I will check with them how they would accept research requests outside of an event.


Hi, the Wife here!
Feel free to send me a message addressed to “The Library Staff”. If you wish, I will take a hand written snail mail letter as well, which i can then add into the library records.


Brilliant! I will PM you now :slight_smile:


There’s also a facebook group if you search for Anvil Library with a spread sheet that you can add your request to.


Please Do Not Just Add Research requests to the spread sheet.
All off field requests must be written to a member of the staff so that there is an IC copy of the request to keep things as IC as possible. We are players and would like to keep our game as well, If people Just added their own requests in then it takes away a certain aspect of that from us.

Also if we need further information we would like to keep this as IC as possible. i.e. via letters, I am happy to take IC letters via Messages here as long as they are written to the Library Staff. Please also include an Email address so someone who works in the Library can message back without being on the forums.


My bad. Sorry


Hello “the Wife”, nice to meet you! :smiley:
One question: Reading this I got inspired to make my character, Demetrio, write down his own “battle guide”. I am planning on writing a series of small booklets with his thoughts, phylosophy and approach to battle, magic and battle magic.

Question is: Is it possible to give this to the library? And if so, how could we encourage people to play with this? I am very excited about this posibility but I’d like the advise of you, guys, as you know better than I how the library works.

Kind regards!


Brilliant, we love things like this, feel free to bring a copy of what you write into the library and just let one of the people who work in there know that you’d like to donate a book. Also be prepared to be asked a few extra questions about it, which I’ll let be played out in the field.
We could try and advertise it a little if you supplied a poster to put up (small preferably) about it so that people could notice it and ask, or you could just make it know that you have a book in the library and get friends to come in and have a look at it, word gets around about the kind of books we have more then people realise.