Anvil Nightlife?

So what do you get up to after dark in Anvil when you’re not crawling through undergrowth past the Sentinel Gate? What are your favourite things to do and favourite places to go to enjoy yourself and relax? Or y’know carry on scheming and politicking until the early hours :slight_smile:.

4 great places to go of an evening in Anvil:

  1. Song & Story Time in Navarr. Hardly a secret, but it is a fantastic tribal experience of music around the Navarr flameball.
  2. The Sovereigns Head pub in Varushka. The red ale is fantastic, as are the stories from the Varushkans.
  3. Uncle Regretzio’s Drinks Cabinet of Regret, in the League. For the Courageous citizen.
  4. Phoenix Reach in Urizen. Centre of Urizen national social life, bards from across the Empire, wine and food till the small hours. Usually need an invite from an Urizeni.

I am very biased, but I genuinely enjoy being in the Hub, catching up on the Synod politics and overhearing all manner of militia discussions, theological debates and Civil Service chatter.


One of the best nightlife experiences I have was started by me standing outside the loos being a bit lost, and going “what do I want to do now”. Suddenly I found myself hooked under by a lovely lady from the Brass Coast I had never met who declared “you are going to a party with me!”

Sometimes, the best nightlife is found by just following someone.


Starting with my home nation, I join the campfires and bars, armed with a small drum and a large repertoire… I sing and tell stories.

Favourite points have included the communual hearth at Varushka, Songs & Stories at Navarr, the tea bars of Urizen, and of all places, Skian Mhorish… where folk will listen appreciatively to a story over a midnight cuppa…

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I can second the hub! One of my favourite times at anvil is after the evening crime rush, sitting down with the rest of the militia who are still around, and having a good old chat.


Some Virtue Assembly meetings happen later in the evening, in a pub. After which I tend to roll back to individual group camps and sing a lot. :slight_smile:

The Varushkan Hearth is a great place to relax. I have got so much gossip there after dark. There are several bars around the Hearth that are really good and there is always Varuskan hospitality so you can get by without spending anything. I recommend it to solo players from any nation because there are few group discussion but a lot of general weirdness.

Here are a few examples

  • Someone was cursed and gifted a giant spider by the Imperial Orcs on the same night.

  • There was a plan to build a flying ship and get some drunk Navari to agree to jump off riding dire wasps. There were a few volunteers…

  • An argument with some Highborn about the ethics of Unveiling that somehow ended with weather metaphors.


My best experience started after a political meeting, a fellow priest suggested we wander to synod, got there late it was closed so ended uo wandering into the brass coast encampment in search of a certain person, never found them but had great discussion along the way.

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Next time try and get there before 10pm! We unfortunately have to take down the Wall of Judgements every night now.