Any player events?

are we doing a player event or are we gate crashing another nations one. speak here?

I doubt I’ll make it to any player events this year, maybe in the spring, although I still have my monthly LRP club to go to plus everyone seems to have big birthdays to celebrate. I do like them, but they’re a lot of hard work to organise even if you have a solid idea for it and a core group to help spread the work.

Without wanting to say to much… I’m getting my thoughts together on organising one or two…

Just need to be totally settled into Uni (just started a Masters in Social Work) then I can come up with some more concrete ideas.

I will not be organising or going to any other Empire related games due to money and my lack of it!! Too many bills, birthdays and Christmas to think of first :slight_smile:

I have run player events before, and would be happy to do so again - But I didn’t actually make it to any of the main events last year due to issues getting time off work! I may be tempted to organise something for next autumn, if my IC plans come to fruition by then, but not before.

Still, if anyone is planning a player event and would like a hand on the logistics side, give me a shout (or a PM…)